What Are You
Searching For?
We Recruit Qualified Job Seekers to Fill Open Jobs
What Are You
Searching For?

We Recruit Qualified Job Seekers to Fill Open Jobs

What Are You
Searching For?

We Recruit Qualified Job Seekers to Fill Open Jobs

What Are You
Searching For?

We Recruit Qualified Job Seekers to Fill Open Jobs

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What Makes Us Different?

We Help Employers with:

Targeted Recruitment and Retention

Certified Source tailors their recruitment process to fit your unique business needs, steering clear of generic solutions. Our retention programs are creatively designed to keep your team engaged and committed.

Employee Pre-screening

We conduct thorough screenings for all potential employees, ensuring transparency and integrity in your workforce.

Pre-employment Evaluation

Our evaluation process is rigorous, identifying candidates who are not just qualified, but also the right cultural fit for your company.

Site Orientation

Certified Source provides comprehensive on-site orientation, tailored to your company's environment, ensuring a seamless integration of new hires.

We Help Employees with:

Career Advancement

We are committed to helping you move up in your work. Start out in a job that fits your skills and abilities. When the time is right, all you have to do is give us a call to get into a job that not only improves your skills but also makes them stronger.

Seamless Application Process

Apply from the comfort of your own home. Certified Source offers a user-friendly platform that guarantees a smooth and trouble-free experience.

Customized Job Matching

Take a quick survey to discover roles perfectly aligned with your expertise and aspirations. Your next career leap is just a few clicks away.

Valuable, No-Cost Resources

We offer free, value-added tools to aid your job search. Our complimentary resume builder is designed to help you craft a compelling resume that stands out.

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Our Certifications

Our team of Certified Staffing Professionals, exclusively credentialed by the American Staffing Association, exemplifies our dedication to upholding stringent employment and labor laws. This commitment positions us as Oklahoma's premier staffing agency, showcasing our unrivaled expertise and unwavering dedication to both our clients and employees.

Our Expertise is Manufacturing

Certified Source provides year-round staffing solutions for large manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution facilities, and also caters to the increased staffing demands of smaller clients during their busiest times. With a deep understanding of Oklahoma's market, we are equipped with staffing experts who focus on the unique needs of these clients. Our mission is to enhance the labor efficiency of our clients and minimize their total employment costs. We achieve this by managing responsibilities such as workers' compensation, employee benefits, payroll administration, and unemployment issues. Our approach allows clients to assess a candidate's performance and work ethic on a trial basis before committing to a full-time hire.

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