Industries We Serve

As one of the most trusted professional staffing agencies in Oklahoma, Certified Source can provide tailored staffing solutions for a wide variety of industries to ensure that they have access to the top talent the market has to offer.

Industrial Staffing

As a constant, year-round industry, the staffing needs of large manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and warehouses are great. With extensive knowledge of Oklahoma’s market and the top staffing professionals for industrial industries, Certified Source can optimize a client’s labor productivity while reducing overall costs by taking on heavy burdens like unemployment, benefits, payroll functions workers’ compensation and much more. With a unique focus on temp-to-hire candidates, clients can evaluate a candidate’s work ethic before extending them a full-time position with their company.

Office/Clerical Staffing

The Office Administration and Clerical Support Services department of Certified Source has a solid track record of locating, evaluating and qualifying the strongest administrative professionals available in the current market today. Certified Source uses multiple recruiting and sourcing techniques to ensure the most qualified candidates are found and have an interest in working for some of the finest companies in Oklahoma that we serve. No matter what the office or clerical staffing needs of a business may be, our extensive database of qualified candidates allows us to find the best fit quickly and efficiently.

Construction Staffing

Finding skilled craftsmen and construction workers is critical for meeting project deadlines while also increasing productivity. The Construction Services team at Certified Source is dedicated to helping construction companies of all sizes across Oklahoma meet sharp deadlines by expanding their workforce and sourcing the best candidates possible. Whether a construction client needs a single worker for a demanding project or has a new largescale project that requires over a hundred new workers, Certified Source is sure to have the perfect fit in our extensive candidate pool.

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Healthcare Staffing

The staffing needs of the healthcare industry are constantly changing year-round; however, it is still important for clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities to ensure they have access to qualified candidates whenever they may be needed. Through a carefully developed staffing model, Certified Source allows healthcare companies the opportunity to see the work ethic of a candidate before extending a full-time position to them. This approach makes Certified Source the perfect partner for small clinics during peak seasons and large healthcare facilities year-round.

Professional Placement

While finding skilled candidates for a professional business may seem like a challenge, hiring the right workers is crucial for continued growth. Certified Source knows that recruiting is not always a strong point for most businesses because they simply do not have the time needed to be effective. As a professional staffing agency, Certified Source can work as an extension of any HR department to provide tailored solutions that draw in the top talent available in the market. Through this partnership, businesses can source, screen, assess and hire talent faster and more efficiently.