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Stand Out in Your Interview Follow-Up: Strategies for Success

Stand out after the meeting with our guide on sending a well-crafted follow-up message. Boost your chance of landing your dream job.

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Revitalize Your Team with Performance-Based Staffing

Unlock the potential of your team with our performance-based staffing solutions. Say hello to increased productivity and lower turnover rates! Spring forward now.

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Maximizing Potential: The Impact of a Positive Work Environment on Manufacturing Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Discover the key to employee satisfaction and productivity in manufacturing. Learn how to create a positive work environment that exceeds expectations.

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Benefits of temporary staffing

Maximizing Your Workforce: The Benefits of Temporary Staffing Solutions

Learn how Certified Source’s temporary staffing can improve flexibility, fulfill project requirements, and strengthen your team while influencing the direction of dynamic workforces in the future.

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Indeed vs ZipRecruiter for Manufacturing

Indeed vs ZipRecruiter for Manufacturing: Everything You Need to Know 

Find out at Certified Source the special features, benefits, and drawbacks of Indeed vs. ZipRecruiter for finding candidates for manufacturing positions.

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Strategic cost reduction

Strategic Cost Reduction: Saving with Performance-based Staffing

Learn how Certified Source’s performance-based workforce improves corporate efficiency. Learn about the benefits of strategic cost reduction, customized staffing options, and success stories.

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Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Skilled Workers

The manufacturing sector in Oklahoma faces a significant challenge – attracting and retaining skilled workers.

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Streamlining Recruitment: The Role of Technology in Staffing

In this article, we’ll explore the evolution of staffing technology and the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and introduce you to a game-changing AI-based system called “Interview Magic” that’s transforming candidate matching.

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Reducing Hiring Costs: The Economic Benefits of Outsourcing Manufacturing Recruitment

Finding the right people for the job is essential for manufacturers. However, recruiting new employees can be both time-consuming and expensive.

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Empowering Manufacturers: The Role of a Staffing Agency in Tulsa

Finding qualified talent to fill crucial roles is a perpetual challenge in the fast-paced manufacturing world. That’s where staffing agencies step in, bridging the gap between employers and skilled professionals.

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onboarding manufacturing employees

Strategies to Improve Manufacturing Employee Onboarding

Onboarding employees is an integral part of the hiring process. By following these onboarding best practices, you can ensure your new hires get the positive start they deserve.

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How Can I Fill a Niche Position as an Employer?

Employers are constantly looking for ways to stand out in today’s competitive job market. One way to do this is to fill a niche position. Niche

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What are the Biggest Risks for Manufacturing Employers?

Manufacturing jobs are a cornerstone of the American economy. However, as the industry continues to evolve, employers must take steps to protect their businesses from various potential risks.

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The Best Strategies to Upskill Employees

Whether working with a fresh college graduate or a seasoned employee who gets promoted, it is vital to have the skill and confidence required to advise new personnel throughout organizational and task management duties when beginning a new career.

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How to Find the Right Candidate for Repetitive Tasks

Organizations frequently evaluate their finances, strategies, and headcounts when preparing for the future. A critical component of making plans for future business success is ensuring they have the appropriate number of employees and skill sets within their budget. You can decide whether or not your organization can benefit from this activity by learning more about planning in this area.

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The Ultimate Guide to Headcount Planning

Organizations frequently evaluate their finances, strategies, and headcounts when preparing for the future. A critical component of making plans for future business success is ensuring they have the appropriate number of employees and skill sets within their budget. You can decide whether or not your organization can benefit from this activity by learning more about planning in this area.

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Ways to Thank Your Team for Their Hard Work 

Managing a team of people can be difficult in many ways – from giving positive feedback to reprimanding employees when necessary. However, thanking staff is vital to continue empowering teams and their productivity. When we think about giving thanks to team members, we must realize that rewards can come in all shapes and sizes. What kind of reward would you want for your hard work?

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Hiring In a Tight Labor Market

It can be quite challenging to hire top-notch candidates in a tight labor market; however, putting some or all of these strategies into place will help your company lead in the competition for outstanding candidates.

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How Many Employees Do You Need? 

Determining the number of employees you need is extremely important for your company’s success. This article will give you a few tips when trying to figure out whether your business is ready to hire more employees or if downsizing is necessary.

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female mentor teacher coach teaching employee computer work pointing at laptop

How to Start a Mentor Program

A mentor program should begin at the hire date of a new staff member, including a training checklist for specific job duties that are itemized to their particular position. Creating a welcoming process that provides mentorship through developmental and sustainable work procedures is essential to maximize new-hire success.

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Young woman having a business meeting

Great Questions to Gauge Employee Engagement

Your average employee will not go out of their way to give you feedback about the company. Many employees fear the backlash of “complaining.” This makes it difficult for employers to gauge employee engagement.

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Employer Giving Feedback

How To Provide Effective Employee Feedback

Over the years, feedback has developed a negative image. Most people who think of feedback automatically imagine negativity or criticism. However, feedback is essential in most people’s everyday life, not just at work. From a routine dental checkup to an annual job review, feedback is a neat little way to determine if we are doing a good job or need to work on some things.

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Boss watching over his young employee

How to Lead Without Micromanaging

Micromanaging can lead to an unmotivated workforce that doesn’t give their best effort. Strong leaders demonstrate trust and support to improve employee morale and inspire a staff that lacks enthusiasm and purpose. An energized employee more connected to purpose is more likely to take the initiative, which frees you to take on more urgent matters. Let’s find out more about how managers can hold their employees accountable – without doing the work for them.

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Why is Work-Life Balance Important to your Employees?

In a demanding world that appears to look for perfection and 100% commitment, stress is at an all-time high. Pair that with a pandemic that we are trying to recover from and a war overseas that is affecting the economy, and it is easy to see why employers are putting so much on their employee’s shoulders. However, employers must keep in mind that for their business and operations to keep running smoothly, the health and attitude of their employees are also important things to maintain.

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How to Spot an Employee Ready for a Promotion 

Most business owners are invested in their employees and want to see them thrive and grow. Not only is this a reflection of outstanding leadership, but it is also a clear sign that the organization is moving in the right direction. But how do you know when an employee is ready for a promotion, and what key moments should you be looking for as their manager? This article will explore some of the things that may signify a promotion is due and some tips on rewarding outstanding performers within the company.

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Keep Employee Momentum Going in 2022 

When you started your business or took on a management role, there is a good chance that you had set clear and defined goals about what you wanted to achieve. While things may have gotten off to a great start, it is easy to quickly fall back into old patterns. The truth is, sticking to your goals can be challenging for anyone – especially your employees. But what can you do as an employer to set them up for the best chances at success so they can keep the momentum going into 2022?

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smiling businesswoman holding resume and talking to female candidate

Be the Best Version of You as an Employer

Modern businesses face a common threat – finding and retaining top talent. To compound this problem further, it has never been more challenging to find the right candidates for vacancies as skills gaps have become much more common. But what do employers need to know to ensure they are meeting headcounts with the right candidates, and what factors contribute to a successful recruitment strategy in competitive industries?

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Possible Solutions for High Turnover

Modern businesses need to be able to focus on targeted recruitment and retention strategies that provide meaningful results. If an organization can retain its valued employees, it can often decrease the need to recruit new ones.

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An accident of a man worker at the construction site. H

Possible Solution for Injuries in the Workplace

It isn’t uncommon for employees within certain roles to receive increased compensation based on the danger they face each day in many industrial and manufacturing industries. Often known as “Hazard Pay,” this additional compensation is offered to assist with potential physical discomfort or distress that can occur while on the job.

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Company executive presenting new management strategy to team

Possible Solution for Long Ramp Up

Employees are generally considered one of the most valuable resources that a company can have. Unfortunately, while many businesses have graduated pay plans for their employees, they may be garnering high employee costs unnecessarily.

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Possible Solution for High Employee Cost

When an organization pays an employee more money than they should, it can often create a ripple effect among the employees around them and the organization as a whole. In many instances, this hinders employee development and can eliminate resources that could be used in other areas of the business that need it most. Overpayment is a common problem nationwide that doesn’t get enough attention. However, high employee costs can easily be offset when a wage analysis is completed to determine what fair wages may be – even if employee salaries can’t be decreased.

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Possible Solution for Poor Quality of Employees

It’s no secret that many employers find it hard to increase wages. Between organizational changes, economic conditions, and a laser focus on corporate growth, certain factors make it difficult for an employer to offer highly competitive salaries.

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Possible Solution for Meeting Headcount

When modern businesses expand, wages and other associated benefits are often left behind in the growth process. This, in turn, results in non-competitive wages and high levels of employee turnover that make meeting headcounts even more difficult.

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Female Electronics Workers

Possible Solutions for Meeting Headcount Goals

Manufacturers nationwide, from New York to California, are facing a common problem – meeting headcounts while controlling the cost of labor to meet designated profit and loss (P&L) targets.

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Hiring Employee

When Should I Hire More Employees?

Knowing the best time to bring on additional employees is often an ongoing struggle for business owners. While getting busy means more profit; it also means that not having enough staff will mean that your current employees have to work even harder.

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How Can You Make Sure You Hire the Right Employee?

If you are a business owner, there is a good chance that you are constantly looking for the best talent possible to add to your existing teams. And while your HR teams may know the best places to post your job listings,

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Warehouse Workers

How Can You Make a Temp Employee Permanent?

In the modern job market, it is not uncommon for businesses to take the time needed to ensure a candidate is a right fit for not only the position they are working but that they also fit into the company culture as a whole.

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Questions Every Manager Should Ask a New Hire

Onboarding a new hire is often a critical period of any business. The faster a new employee can be assimilated, the sooner they will start being able to make a positive impact on the company’s goals and returning the investment that has been put into them.

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When Should a Business Hire a Staffing Agency?

Business leaders are always looking for ways to improve processes and ensure their business is as efficient as possible. And, although many businesses already outsource their advertising and marketing, they tend to not think of recruiting or hiring new talent in the same way.

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Steps to Creating a Successful Partnership with Recruiters

For most hiring managers, recruiters are an invaluable part of their employee discovery process. And, in an ideal world, these two will work in tandem to find and retain the best hires possible for an organization’s needs.

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Job Candidates

How Do Professional Staffing Agencies Find Candidates?

Although many businesses have invested in applicant tracking systems to automate resume storage and find candidates that demonstrate desired skills, these systems are often unable to make a judgment call of which candidates are the best fit for a position.

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Job Candidates

How to Give Constructive Feedback to Candidates

Although many employers do not realize it, many candidates are looking for honest feedback after an interview to determine how they could make a better impression in future endeavors if no position is extended.

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Employee Wellbeing

Should Employers Be More Involved in Employee Wellbeing?

As the workplace continues to evolve, company culture as well as new benefits and employee programs are taking the forefront when enticing the top talent to join your team.

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Employee Burnout

Ways to Prevent Employee Burnout

In recent years, the corporate world has seen a major influx of employees who quit or stop performing to their full capacity due to employee burnout. To counter this, many companies have adopted various systems and ideas

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Remote Worker

Getting the Most from Remote Workers

Coronavirus has led many employers to adapt wherever possible to allow their workers to work at home. And, though this may have just seemed like a temporary side effect, many industries are not integrating new positions into their company or transitioning previous positions to accommodate remote workers.

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person holding resume in front of interviewer

How to Review Resumes

Whether you are a new hiring manager or you have been reviewing resumes for a long time, there is often an art to quickly sifting through potential candidate submissions to see which stick out and which should be passed on.

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The Costs of Onboarding a New Employee

Although many businesses may equate the cost of hiring a new employee to the salary and benefits that they offer them, there is likely more to the equation than meets the eye.

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5 Ways to Control Costs with Staffing

Any business looking to improve operating margins within their organization will inevitably need to look at their current staffing strategy. From entry-level positions to the CEO, maximizing profitability begins with ensuring that effective staffing is being utilized as best as possible.

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What Do Employees Actually Want?

As society continues to evolve, the demands that employees have from their respective employees have also seen a dramatic shift. Unfortunately, this has made a challenging situation for employers that are trying to keep up with the demand to attract top talent while also retaining their best employees.

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Interview Questions to Identify Cultural Fit

As a business, are you hiring employees based on not only their talents or skills but also your assessment of their cultural fit within your company? As a significant modern factor of employment

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