Temp to Hire

Certified Temp to Hire Services

Certified Source’s Temp-to-Hire Services allow employers to assess an employee’s on-the-job performance prior to hiring them directly.

Our staffing professionals partner with clients to ensure that every employee has the skills to effectively perform the job and the personality to fit the company culture.

Certified Source’s proven hiring process and in-depth candidate screening gives clients immediate access to a pool of qualified, skilled workers and professionals that will increase business productivity and profitability.

Certified Source’s Hiring Process includes:

  • Assignment Orientation
  • Comprehensive Skills Testing
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Drug Screening
  • Expert Screening
  • License Verification
  • Safety Orientation & Training
  • Specialized Recruiting
  • Thorough In-Person Interviews
  • Work References

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Client Testimonials

Thank you for the partnership with our organization.  The response and customer service are outstanding and we look forward to the future with Certified Source.

- C.T.

I have had a very good experience with Certified Source.  Their staffing coordinators are helpful, friendly, and bright.  The personnel who have worked directly with me are excellent, and the company treats their staff well.  I will definitely keep using Certified Source.  Thank you!

- D.M.

The team with Certified has been everything I could ask for, always willing to help us and make our pains their pains.

- C.T.

I have worked with the Certified Source Team for a few years and they are a wonderful group of people. They work diligently to get you the help you need and don’t stop until your needs are met. Thank you guys for all you have done.

- J.H.

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