Industrial Maintenance

Something you’d want to do for a living

Industrial machinery and equipment are part of virtually every organization, including transportation, production, and manufacturing companies. These machines must be tuned and optimized at regular intervals to ensure they are always running at peak performance. Oiling schedules must be laid down, while wearing parts must be examined and replaced. This consistent and methodical process of tuning factory equipment and other industrial machinery such as packaging equipment, production machinery, and conveying systems is known as industrial maintenance. Does that sound like something you’d want to do for a living? Here are some great insights about the job and what it takes to succeed.

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What Does an Industrial Maintenance Job Entail?

Industrial maintenance workers and millwrights are responsible for basic repair and maintenance of machinery. Although more emphasis is on preventive maintenance, there are times you’ll have to perform emergency care to a failed machine. Under normal circumstances, the scope of work encompasses:

  • Moving machinery and equipment

  • Cleaning and lubricating equipment or machinery

  • Adjusting and calibrating industrial machinery to optimal specifications

  • Testing malfunctioning equipment to determine whether major

  • Detecting minor problems by performing basic diagnostic tests

  • Repairing or replacing broken or malfunctioning components

  • Disassembling machines at the source of a problem

  • Reading and utilizing technical manuals to understand equipment and controls

Educations and Performance Requirements

At an entry level, industrial maintenance workers are required to have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. However, millwrights and some mechanics must have completed a two-year associate’s degree program in pneumatics, hydraulics, mathematics, welding or other industrial maintenance courses. Employers have a high preference for team players since most tasks require close collaboration with co-workers. Applicants who possess a great desire to learn and improve stand a better chance because on-the-job training is a typical element to the hiring process. Also, excellent communication skills are essential.


The appeal of having an industrial maintenance job is your potential salary. According to the US Bureau of Labor Stats, industrial machinery mechanics earn around $51,360 a year, while millwrights can take home up to $53,980 per year. Besides working during regular business hours, industrial maintenance workers may be assigned weekend and night shifts, and make more.

Work Locations and Environments

A reputable industrial staffing company like Certified Source can place machinery maintenance workers, industrial machinery mechanics, and millwrights in various settings. These include electrical construction sites, chemical and research facilities, service companies that install and maintain equipment, hospitals, satellite facilities, and power plants manufacturing plants among other work locations. Most commonly, however, these environments pose high risks of injuries and illness. For that reason, industrial maintenance workers must closely adhere to safety protocols and always use protective gear, such as earplugs, gloves, steel-toed shoes, safety glasses, and hard hats.

Employment Outlook

Although computerized maintenance management systems are gaining popularity in industrial maintenance, they can’t do the entire job. Individuals with experience and expertise are the best to do the work. With the increasing need to keep sophisticated machinery functioning efficiently, the demand for industrial workers isn’t dying down any time soon.

According to the Bureau of labor statistics, the demand for industrial workers is expected to grow by 7% from 2016 to 2026.

Where Can I Find Industrial Maintenance Jobs Near Me?

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