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Certified Source Application Process

Certified Source strives for excellence and puts a priority on building a relationship with each job seeker to make an ideal match between candidates and clients. We make a commitment to each of our job seekers to provide exceptional service and fulfill their employment needs above and beyond expectations. We understand the job search process can be stressful. We do our best to help everyone that applies with Certified Source.


Step 1: Apply Online or In-Person

Once Certified Source receives your online application and resume, a Certified Source Performance Group will contact you within 24-business hours for a brief phone interview to discuss your experience, compensation requirements and possible opportunities that match with your skill set. If the hiring criteria are a match, you will be scheduled for an in-person interview at a Certified Source office.

Applicants may also apply in person and complete an application at a Certified Source office. During your first visit to our office, please come prepared with proper identification. You may be asked to go to a client interview the same day. Without proper identification, we cannot continue to the next step of the interview process. In most cases, two forms of identification are needed (Driver’s License, ID Card, SS Card, Birth Certificate). A passport is considered sufficient by itself.

Bring a hard copy of your resume for your staffing manager to review. Sometimes the online versions are skewed due to formatting issues.


Step 2: Interview Process

Getting to Know You: Certified Source wants to get to know you, not only to make certain we are sending our clients exactly what they need for the job but to make sure we are sending you to employers that interest you.

During the interview, we will review your work history – including gaps in employment, your skill set and the type of work environment best suited for you.

Skills Testing: Depending on the type of work you are seeking, you may be given a skills test based on your experience and training. Please allow additional time for this testing.

References: Upon completion of the interview, Certified Source will call your references to learn what additional information can be added to your work experience and skills.


Step 3: Hiring Process

Applicants who have successfully completed the application and interview process may be considered for potential employment with Certified Source. Positions will be offered based on information provided on the application, during the interview process, from references and any specific skill set desired by our client companies.

Screenings: Certified Source will check your criminal background and may review your motor vehicle record, education and/or credit if required by the client company. You are also required to take a drug screening test as a pre-requisite before starting a Certified Source assignment.

Hiring Process: After the in-person interview with Certified Source, you will complete the I-9 Forms to verify employment eligibility in compliance with government regulations. Certified Source also uses the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify service to confirm your ability to work in the United States.

Payment Set Up: You will need to bring your banking information to fill out a direct deposit form or sign up for a Global Cash Paycard.


Step 4: Assignment

After completion of the post-hire paperwork and the results of your background check and drug screen are successful, you will be given an in-depth orientation about your job assignment and the payroll process.

When you are placed with one of our client companies, we want you to be successful from day one. Certified Source will provide all the information you need to ensure a productive and positive experience.

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