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Certified Hiring Process

Certified Source makes a commitment to each of our clients to provide exceptional service and fulfill their staffing needs above and beyond expectations. To ensure the process goes smoothly, we have outlined our hiring procedures.

Step 1: Placing an Order for Staffing Services

When a client places an order for staffing services, a Certified Source Performance Group visits the location to tour the facility and discuss the job requirements. During this visit, Certified Source will confirm the essential job functions, compensation range, and schedule for the positions; plus determine the hiring and onboarding needs, drug screening requirements and additional skills assessments required.

Step 2: Service Agreement

Once Certified Source has determined the scope of the staffing services needed, the client receives a service agreement that outlines the terms and conditions.  When the service agreement has been executed and returned, Certified Source provides the Certificates of Insurance.

Step 3: Applicant Screening Process

Certified Source will recruit and identify candidates that match the client’s specific skills and job requirements.  After candidates have completed the extensive screening process, including an in-person interview, skills testing, background screening, and education and references verification, we send the qualified candidates’ resumes to the client for review.

Certified Source then follows up with the client to discuss the candidates and schedule interviews. The confidential interviews can be conducted at the client’s location or in one of Certified Source’s private interview rooms.

When the right person for the job has been identified, Certified Source will present the job offer to the candidate. In addition, Certified Source can assist client’s with the on-boarding process to prepare the employee for their first day. This may include a review of the employee handbook or site safety training.

Step 4: Employee’s First Day

Certified Source will call the employee one hour prior to the start time to confirm that the new employee is on their way to work. A call will also be placed to the client to make sure the employee has reported for their first day on the job.

We will call again on the second day to follow up and learn how the employee is progressing.  If necessary, we can assist with additional training or employment counseling.  Certified Source will contact the employee’s supervisor on a weekly basis for performance reviews and to ensure the staffing placement is successful.

Step 5: Weekly Employee Time Sheets

Certified Source has the ability to be completely paperless with time keeping. Our online portal allows supervisors to approve individual time sheets or create group time sheets with ease. Traditional paper time sheets are also available for download on the Certified Source website, and custom time sheets can be created to meet our client’s specific needs. The Certified Source accounting department will contact the client’s accounting department to set up the payment process. Time sheets are due each Monday by 5 p.m.

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