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5 Questions Recruiters Ask and How to Answer Them

Although COVID-19 resulted in widespread layoffs and a halt to hiring, businesses are finally starting to reopen nationwide and need employees to help facilitate daily requirements. As business continues to pick back up for every industry, job seekers need to ensure their resume is polished and they are back in the habit of preparing for interviews before they are extended. For many of these job seekers, working with a recruiting agency will likely be the first step in reassimilating into the job market and beginning a new career path. 

To ensure job seekers are prepared and have refined their interview skills, we will look at 5 common questions that recruiters ask and provide some insight into the best ways to answer them. Having adequate time to prepare for these questions and not trying to answer them on the spot can ensure that the candidate has the appropriate amount of time to craft a unique response that will be impressive for the recruiter asking. Some of the questions recruiters ask that job seekers may expect during the interview process include: 

1. Why Did You Leave Your Previous Job?

While COVID-19 has led to an increased number of unemployed workers, it may not be the only reason that a previous job did not work out for a job seeker. This can be a hard question to navigate, particularly if your reason for leaving is a negative one; however, it is a great time to frame a bad situation in a positive light. If you were fired, explain how that situation has helped you grow as an employee and how you will avoid a similar scenario in the future with a new employer. 

2. Why Do You Want to Work HERE?

While a job seeker may have applied for a job solely because of the title it promises, this often is not enough to ace your interview in modern times. The real question here is “Out of all the companies that are hiring, why do you want to work at this company?”. Taking the time to review a business’s website and social media accounts before your application or after you are extended an interview can help you create mental notes that can help answer this question more thoroughly and to the expectations of the recruiter. 

3. What Are Your Career Goals 5 Years from Now?

Everyone has a specific career path that they have built-in their mind and, while this job may just be a stepping stone to get to a higher position, it is important to think of how the company interviewing you can help you get there. Most candidates will have a generic answer to this question that can be used no matter where they are interviewing. But, taking the time to tailor your answer with a focus on the organization you are interviewing for will make it more meaningful. 

4. Do You Work Well as Part of a Team?

Most recruiters are aware of the demand for candidates that work well as part of an overall team, particularly amongst younger candidates that may prefer to work in solitary conditions, detached from their co-workers. No matter how you feel about this question, expand your answer beyond a simple “yes” or “no” to provide situational examples that show you meet that role instead of just giving an impractical or uninspired view with your answer. 

5. Have You Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

Although the exact question you hear may be a variation of this, most recruiters will ask personality-based, fun questions to catch candidates off guard and learn more about them as more than just an employee. This can help determine if the candidate fits into the existing company culture and these questions generally cannot be prepared for ahead of the interview. Just be honest and remain comfortable throughout the situation for the best results and you will be wowing your recruiter in no time! 

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