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5 Questions You Should Consider Asking in an Interview

You aced your way through the interview and are nearing the home stretch confident that you will get a job offer. Then out of nowhere, the interviewer asks if you have any questions and you freeze up, wracking your brain for the perfect response. If this sounds like a common scenario, you aren’t alone.

Even if you know this question is going to happen, there’s a good chance it catches you off guard. Maybe it’s the tension you put yourself under to remain professional and confident or maybe you have lulled yourself into comfort throughout the interview process. The best interviews will always be a two-way conversation and this is your time to shine! When the interviewer asks if you have any questions, here are 5 you should consider asking at your next interview.

Are There Growth Opportunities at the Company?

When starting a career, there’s a good chance you won’t land the position you had your sights set for at first. In many cases, you may be starting at a lower position that will require you to show your dedication to the company in order to reach new opportunities within the organization. Unless you are comfortable staying at the job level you are interviewing for, don’t be afraid to ask if the company has any growth opportunities.

Can You Describe the Company Culture?

While company culture sounds like a “buzz word”, every business has its own company culture that is a representation of management all the way down to the employees. Are you looking for a fun place to work or do you want it to be more professional and challenging? Asking the interviewer to describe the company culture can determine if the job is the right fit.

Do You Have Any Concerns About My Qualifications?

While the perfect candidate is rare, most interviewers will be upfront about any concerns or reservations they may have about your qualifications. By obtaining this information, you can work towards becoming the model candidate for the unique specifications of the job. This also gives the interviewer a chance to dig a little deeper if they are unclear about portions of your resume.

What Are the Biggest Challenges I Will Face as a New Employee?

Every job position has its own growing pains that will require an employee to adapt and learn new processes. Even if you are obtaining a position at a new company for the same title, there are often going to be some discrepancies in the way things are done. Not only will this question give you more insight into what is expected, but it will also give you a chance to figure out how to quickly acclimate to your new career.

Who Will I Be Reporting To?

If the interview has gone well, this will often give you an opportunity to meet your potential new supervisor before accepting the job position. You may even find that the person you will be reporting to is the interviewer. This can help establish a relationship to avoid the awkward first-day that commonly is associated with starting a new position with unfamiliar co-workers.
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