Be the Best Version of You as a Job Seeker

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Each new year, it seems like more jobseekers decide that they want to see what greener pastures are available. The ultimate goal of looking for a new job shouldn’t be just to get a paycheck; it should be to find a new career path that you will love to continue following. But what do you need to know to be the best version of yourself as a job seeker, and how can you position your skills to make the most impact in crowded industries?

Honing Skills that Employers Think are Important

With the large number of applications that many employers are receiving during this time of year, a job seeker needs to understand what traits or skills will help them be more attractive as a candidate. This article will look at five key things that job seekers should highlight in their creative way to make a lasting impact throughout the hiring process.

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1. Teamwork and Collaboration

Thinking back to group projects in school likely brings up some bad memories for some people. However, these tasks are essential to building your ability to work cohesively with other employees. No matter what industry you are in, teamwork and collaboration will be necessary, from construction to manufacturing jobs.

Having the ability to interact with co-workers positively can help ensure that organization growth and success remain at the forefront. In fact, most employers suggested that they were most impressed with a jobseeker when they could demonstrate these skills proficiently. In addition to these benefits, a focus on teamwork and collaboration can also improve the overall company culture an organization has worked to achieve.

2. Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

Analyzing evidence, testing new methods, and drawing conclusions from complex data is necessary for almost any job. Although critical thinking can be taught and honed by jobseekers, making these skills a priority in your daily life can help ensure that you are developing habits that contribute to your success within the workplace.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that roughly 56% of graduates are proficient in problem-solving and critical thinking skills. In comparison, approximately 99% of employers think this is an essential skill for job seekers. By engaging in active learning and focusing on problem-solving daily, these skills will often become more natural for jobseekers.

3. Leadership and Professionalism

Becoming a leader within the workplace often requires a combination of particular skills, including a strong work ethic, critical thinking skills, and excellent communication. Although, leadership skills can vary drastically, and the form that one employer is looking for might not match the style you have developed. But, if it doesn’t work for one, it will work for another.

Once you have honed your own leadership style, it is vital to research the companies you are applying to determine if your skills are the right fit. Far too often, job seekers just blast their applications to multiple job listings without even learning about the company. Doing the initial research can help ensure that you aren’t wasting your own time or the employers.

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4. Strong Work Ethic and Dependability

If there is one requirement that all employers share, it’s that they expect candidates to show a strong work ethic and prove they are dependable. This means that developing these skills is crucial for successful placement and career advancement, no matter where you might be applying. If you work in a career you love, obtaining these skills shouldn’t be a problem.

The best way to develop a strong work ethic and dependability is to ensure that you work efficiently and arrive before your scheduled start times. By focusing on these aspects, the rest will likely come easy, and your manager will likely take notice. Even better, it may open new doors that lead to promotions, a raise, or other positive benefits.

5. Extensive Communication Skills

The rise in text messaging and social media has degraded the communication skills that many job seekers have. With a drastic decrease in face-to-face conversations occurring, many people are losing the oral communication skills that they once had. But, for most job vacancies, having the ability to communicate with strangers daily might be a requirement.

To improve communication skills, job seekers need to communicate each day appropriately. For instance, instead of sending a quick text, try writing out the actual message or making a phone call. Just remember to work on being a great listener and not dominating the conversations to ensure a great flow of communication.

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