Build A Career

Are you tired of looking for a new job every 6 months because of continuous mundane day to day tasks? Are you tired of missing opportunities to make more money when you have the skill set to advance?


 If these sound-like problems you are facing, you are not alone! The staffing professionals at Certified Source are constantly helping job seekers just like you find great employment options in the manufacturing industry with increased flexibility and opportunities for regular pay increases. Great employees with skills just like yours are finding a new way to improve their career opportunities with the help of Certified Source. 

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Start Your Dream Career

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At Certified Source, we constantly manage and build our worker pools to ensure our clients have access to the top talent available without the risk of costly employee turnover.

Associates that choose to utilize our career advancement program will become a valuable asset at Certified Source, while helping some of the top companies in Oklahoma grow. If one of our associates feels like they have outgrown the position they are in or are burnt out in their role, Certified Source will leverage its business relationships to make sure a career advancement opportunity is available. Certified Source is willing to advance any associates who represent us well on the job. Certified Source is an industry leader in growing and developing talent in the Oklahoma market. Our goal is to advance the skillsets of our workforce and help Oklahoma companies across the state grow.

No matter what your current skills or experience may be, our team of staffing professionals is confident that we can get your career started with some of the best companies in Tulsa, OKC, and surrounding areas. Through our unique partnerships, we can help job seekers land their initial job, help them build a solid resume, and grow in their field of choice. Just submit your resume to our talented team of staffing professionals and we will handle the rest to help you get started quickly.

How Does It Work?

For job seekers that are looking for a rewarding new career with excellent advancement opportunities, it has never been easier to get started. Certified Source is constantly building our team of associates and advancing their careers through better job placement opportunities. 


Anyone that is interested in taking advantage of the Certified Source Career Advancement Plan can get started with 3 EASY STEPS.

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Step 1

Apply for Placement

Job seekers that are interested in the career advancement plan through Certified Source are encouraged to submit their updated resume and showcase the skills they have that may be beneficial.

Step 2

Obtain Employment

Once candidates have been retained, they will be given placement with a leading manufacturing business in Oklahoma. Throughout the duration of this employment, candidates will receive payment and benefits through Certified Source.

Step 3

Maintain Contact

One core benefit of Certified Source’s Career Advancement Plan is the ability to express dissatisfaction with a current position. Like other recruiting strategies, this plan requires weekly contact with a recruiter to determine if a position shift is required.

If an associate becomes dissatisfied with the current position they hold, Certified Source will assess the situation to do what is best for our clients and associates. Options may be to alternate the associate into a new position within the same company or transfer them to a new company in a similar role or more advanced position with additional opportunities. Do not let your lack of network hold you back from advancing your career. Contact Certified Source to learn how our Career Advancement Plan can help you achieve your goals!

Ready to Get Started?

Certified Source wants to connect you with the top businesses in our community. We put a priority on building relationships with each job seeker to make an ideal match between candidates and clients, and we make a commitment to each of our job seekers to provide exceptional service and fulfill their employment needs above and beyond expectations. Contact us today to get started on your new journey.

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