Hiring In a Tight Labor Market

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Employers know that hiring during a tight labor market proposes challenges. The chief issue is that candidates for a position can be few, and the most suited candidates can be even fewer. However, there are strategies employers can use to recruit the best candidates.

It can be quite challenging to hire top-notch candidates in a tight labor market; however, putting some or all of these strategies into place will help your company lead in the competition for outstanding candidates.

Use the Job Description to Your Advantage

Word the job description to highlight what makes your company a great place to work. Optimize the job title with keywords and phrases that will stand out to applicants and appear in a search engine. Use precise language to describe the advantages of working for the company. Make the description so that applicants know what is expected from them from the first day on the job. Also, make it easy to find the job's annual or hourly salary on the post.

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Showcase Your Company's Culture

Show off your company culture and be true to your brand voice. Some job seekers claim that the company's values, beliefs, and attitudes are one of the top factors in determining whether they view it as a good fit for them. Candidates want to be able to picture themselves fitting in with the company culture.

Different Methods Attract Different Candidates

Use various methods to attract potential candidates. There are many ways to reach qualified candidates, from social media to job boards and job search engines. Posting to social media with videos describing the company culture can be effective.

Interviewing current employees about their favorite things about the company is another way. These videos might be beneficial on a site like LinkedIn. Engagement with potential candidates can also include hosting webinars, virtual job fairs, or enlisting the help of a social media influencer to endorse your organization.

Offer a Competitive Compensation Package

Be prepared to provide a competitive compensation and benefits package. To compete in today's market, compensation, if possible, needs to be equal to or better than the job's market value. Benefits can be included in the compensation package. The more competitive your compensation package is, the more likely it will be to recruit optimum talent.

Along the same lines, competitive compensation will also help with employee retention. A satisfying compensation package will motivate current employees to stay with the employer rather than seek a more competitive package. Employees need to feel that they're being paid fairly or even better than others in the same field. Other benefits, such as paid family leave or more extended maternity leave, can set a company apart from its competitors.

Involve Your Employees in Recruiting

Establish a good employee referral program. Offer incentives for employees who bring in new talent. Incentives can be in cash, gift cards, or other perks such as an extra paid vacation day. Many employers use creative approaches, such as giving bicycles, trips, and vehicles to the top employees who enlist new talent. Some organizations are offering company-wide recognition.

So often, the best candidates are found through a referral from within the company. This also saves time and advertising costs. Referrals from internal sources are a win-win scenario.

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