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How to Quit Your Job Gracefully

Although there are a variety of reasons that an employee may want to pursue a different career path, ensuring that you don’t burn your bridges and potential references when you leave a current job is important. Whether an employee is unhappy where they are, need more room for growth or just got offered a position elsewhere that is more attractive or conducive to their goals, knowing how to quit a job the right way can help end things cordially. In this article, we will explain how to quit your job gracefully and some of the reasons it should be a priority when leaving an existing position or company. 

Before you consider putting in your resignation, it is important to ensure that every step you take throughout the process relies on mutual respect for the experience you have had with the company and the position that you have maintained as well as a sense of mutual respect with your coworkers and managers. Taking the time to think through the situation clearly and weighing the potential implications that may occur can help determine if it’s the right time to leave; however, it can be easy to make a rash decision and burn any bridges that you may have with the company. To quit your job gracefully, here are some of the steps you should keep in mind throughout the process. 

1. Talk to Your Manager First 

While you may be comfortable talking about leaving a company with your employees first, you don’t want the news of you quitting to reach your manager through someone else. Talking to your manager first ensures that you can explain the situation on your own terms with no preconceived notions being present. Make sure you make this a face-to-face meeting whenever possible to ensure you are received as well as possible by the manager and explain your reasons for leaving completely if you are comfortable doing so. 

2. Plan Your Words in Advance 

Knowing what you plan to say to your manager before you speak to him or her will help make the process less awkward and ensure you aren’t stumbling over your words. By preparing what you want to say in advance, you can walk in confidently and express what you need to. If you want to quit your job gracefully and ensure you are leaving on the best terms possible, taking the time plan your exit statement out in advance is critical. 

3. Provide a Written Resignation 

In addition to speaking with your manager privately, it is important to also provide a written statement of your planned exit strategy. This should include a short explanation of why you intend to resign, the date in which your resignation will be effective, and words of gratitude for the experience you obtained while maintaining your job duties. Every job has its own bright spots, highlight those for your time with the company in this letter. 

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