How to Spot an Employee Ready for a Promotion 

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Most business owners are invested in their employees and want to see them thrive and grow. Not only is this a reflection of outstanding leadership, but it is also a clear sign that the organization is moving in the right direction. But how do you know when an employee is ready for a promotion, and what key moments should you be looking for as their manager? This article will explore some of the things that may signify a promotion is due and some tips on rewarding outstanding performers within the company.

Their Positive Attitude is Everything

Employees who are consistently trying to learn new things and maintain a great attitude will always be a positive force for change. As a manager, there is a good chance that you know which employees have ambitious standards for themselves, and it is crucial to acknowledge their dedication. Any employees who meet this should be given promotion opportunities that align with their career trajectory and provide mutual benefits for the company and themselves.

Their Previous Challenges Are Easy

Employees that have mastered their current role will often no longer feel challenged by their daily duties. When this occurs, it is easy for them to begin thinking that they are no longer progressing. Employers should strive to create a culture in which their employees are on a constantly upward trajectory that accommodates their developed skills and those they wish to continue building upon. If an employee is not feeling challenged anymore, it may be time to open new opportunities and duties with a promotion.

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Their Opinions Are Valued

If an employee is a go-to source for opinions and support, there is a good chance they are primed to move into a management-level or leadership role. This can be recognized primarily when they are consistently heard and respected by other business members. The easiest way to determine which position is the best fit is to review the current organizational structure and align the intended placement with their desired career goals. In some cases, new roles may need to be created to fulfill top performers' needs.

They Deliver Constantly and Obtain Results

Any time an employee can deliver on goals and obtain results for a minimum of three years, it is a clear sign that they need to be promoted or will be looking for opportunities elsewhere. The best way to ensure they are retained is to give them a pay raise and a title change or more responsibilities. By continuing to coach them, this momentum and coaching will allow them to become one of the company's future leaders. They will help ensure that talent is being nurtured from the ground up consistently.

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