How to Stand Out in a Tight Job Market

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Today’s job market is as tight as ever; nevertheless, there are ways you can ensure you will get noticed by potential employers. The following are ways you can leverage yourself to stand out from the other applicants.

Tip 1: Do Your Research

Before an interview, do your homework by researching the company. Researching can be your best strategy for familiarizing yourself with an organization. Learning about a company before an interview will prepare you for the big day and help position you as one of the top candidates for your desired position.

You can do this by checking out the company website and reading about its services and products. Also, look to see if there are any recent news articles about the company. Nowadays, there is more than likely information about the company online, whether the company is massive or small. Look them up in a search engine and take advantage of the information social media can provide. Many companies maintain Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts.

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Tip 2: Be on Time, or Better Yet, Early

Some employers consider a candidate early for an interview as being on time. It is recommended that you be 10 to 15 minutes early. Being early allows you time to become relaxed, calm, collected, and ready to make a great first impression. It also communicates to the employer that you respect and value their time.

Tip 3: Make a Great First Impression

Arrive prepared and organized with resumes, reference letters, and your portfolio. Dress professionally. This should include a well-pressed suit that creates that put-together professional look.

Use your body language to communicate positive energy. Demonstrate eye contact, smile when appropriate, and watch your body language. When you enter the room, greet the interviewer with a warm smile, shake their hand, and introduce yourself. Allow the interviewer the chance to invite you to have a seat. Also, look over your resume and the job description before the interview.

Tip 4: Ace the Interview

Prepare questions ahead of time to practice, either with a friend or in front of a mirror. Lists of interview questions can be located on all kinds of websites. Please take advantage of commonly asked questions and spend time practicing them.

Make use of your experience and other skills. Give solid examples of how you have used your experience and skills to help you find success in other circumstances. In your interview, be sure to highlight as many of your strengths as you can. Describe to the employer how your experience and skills can fit perfectly with their organization’s needs.

This is also an excellent time to mention any special classes you have taken, certifications you have acquired, or training seminars you have completed. Let them know if you want to become an expert in that field. Employers will view you as a valuable asset if you have the self-motivation to acquire specialized training.

Tip 5: Follow up After the Interview

After the interview, ask the employer about their timeline for making a hiring decision. Ask whom you should follow up with and how and when you should do so. After leaving the interview, write down some notes to review later, such as who you met with, their titles, and anything else that seems significant. Then reflect on your performance in the interview. What would you change in the future? Were you prepared for the majority of the questions? Then write a brief thank you email or card, whichever seems more appropriate for the type of interview you had, such as face-to-face or phone interview.

Young woman arriving for a job interview

If you have still not heard from the potential employer around one week following the interview and you have sent a thank you note, it is okay to follow up with the hiring manager on the status of a hiring decision. If you find out you did not get the job, thank them anyway for their consideration. And more importantly, do not give up the pursuit. Keep seeking out the ideal job that fits you.

These tips alone may not win you the job, but they can certainly get you started on the right foot so that you can confidently face difficult questions. This hard-earned confidence may be what eventually leads you to your ideal job.

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