How to Start a Mentor Program

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We must set our employees up for success in the workplace! Whether that be at the beginning of a career, middle, or end, employers must support oncoming and experienced individuals with specific and positive intentions. A mentor program should begin at the hire date of a new staff member, including a training checklist for specific job duties that are itemized to their particular position. Creating a welcoming process that provides mentorship through developmental and sustainable work procedures is essential to maximize new-hire success.

Young man in formal suit training the new employee

Throughout the mentoring process, administrators must keep in mind that we set expectations, and we must communicate them directly. We must depict precisely what is expected of each job role and how the mentorship will provide assistance in attaining that goal. Whether the goal is to increase retention of new employees or improve customer service training for on-the-job success, we must communicate what we expect from our experienced mentors and the process aligned for all new hires.

Step 1: Organize Expectations

As an employer, the ideas behind a mentor program must be carefully thought out and analyzed to be effective. This process may seem tedious, but it could easily be the determining factor in the success of mentors and mentees within your business!

The mentor relationship should focus on entrusted business values that involve respect, enthusiasm, and expertise. As an employer, organizing thoughts and expectations behind the mentorship that you envision will provide a foundation for competent and effective job performance.

Step 2: Select Mentors

When selecting individual teams of staff for mentorship, administrators should consider potential leadership throughout a business. Leadership can be identified through a carefully selected process of evaluations, including interviews and job observation, keeping the business values in mind.

Mentorships are typically volunteer-based, but offering an incentive to promote the position may bring forth a larger pool of candidates. We should also recognize the extra time and effort of mentorships, so offering employees a raise could be a potential topic of conversation. Feeling confident in selecting mentors will be an investment in your business!

Step 3: Assign Mentees

Once you have selected a mentorship team or a few individuals, assigning mentees to specific mentors will be the next step in this process. With mentor characteristics in mind, carefully assign new mentees with a matching leader for collaboration and direction throughout the many working environments. Consider personalities and communication styles to start guiding the mentorship. Monitor this process and schedule check-ins with the mentor and mentee regularly.

Step 4: Specify Processes

Clear up any confusion that arises directly and quickly. Reiterate that mistakes should be reminded and avoided at all costs for all staff. A business depends on accuracy and professionalism from all stakeholders, so confidentiality and business plans should be addressed as needed for legal purposes.


Monitor dialogue and daily exchanges among new staff members, especially with their mentors. Celebrate successes regularly as much as possible, and remember that improvements can always be made.

coworkers talking working together on computer project
coworkers talking working together on computer project

Step 5: Continued Supervision and Guidance

At times, it will be necessary to be critical of staff to provide effective feedback. However, this is not a one-way street; We must also allow accessible communication between all staff members, regardless of the business or sales involved. The best mentorships will allow for continued patience and support, resulting in long-lasting relationships among coworkers and employers.

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