Demolition Labor

Find the right skills and muscle for the job

Demolition is the tearing down of buildings, bridges and other structures that may be condemned, fire damaged, unused or unsafe for further use. In the construction sector, demolishing old buildings is just as crucial as erecting new ones. It creates space for better, improved structures. These may include open spaced parks, trendy casinos, luxury apartments and other state-of-the-art structures.

During demolition, heavy machinery, hand-labor and explosives are typically used. Usually, these jobs require an individual with a deep understanding of building construction, including how to maintain the historical integrity of a structure.

Industrial workers

They help to maximize the amount of potentially recyclable materials from the building by salvaging anything of value and destroying what’s worthless. amount of potentially recyclable materials from the building by salvaging anything of value and destroying what’s worthless.

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Typical Duties of Demolition Laborers

  • Assist craft workers with their duties

  • Follow instructions and plans from supervisors or more experienced workers

  • Operate or tend machines and equipment used in demolition, such as earth tampers, air hammers, and small mechanical hoists

  • Dig trenches, backfill holes, or compact earth to prepare for new structures

  • Load items that are being salvaged

  • Remove possible hazards such as debris

  • Clean and prepare construction sites to pave the way for new structures

Nature of the Job

It can be gratifying to bring structures down, particularly when you’re making money from the activity. For demolition workers, it can be exciting activating dynamite, taking down an old chimney with a sledgehammer, or swinging a wrecking ball through a wall. Does this sound amazing to you? Click Here to explore the latest demo jobs.

More Than Wrecking: Education and Licenses

With demolition labor, formal education is not a major requirement. Getting started requires experience as a general laborer. However, for demolition contractors who work for themselves, they must have licenses to handle the task at hand. Besides the license, they are required to have certifications, such as PPE or White Cards, among other tickets that allow you to remove hazardous materials.

Desired Qualities for Professional Destroyers

Without a doubt, working as a demo laborer means you must be ready to work with your whole body. Top physical condition, endurance, strength, and agility are all required on the job.

Whether you are operating a heavy machine, carrying materials, wielding a sledgehammer, or just walking on the uneven surface, physical stamina is mandatory for this occupation.

Aside from physical requirements, the ability to follow instructions is paramount. Mistakes could lead to injuries to your or other employees or cost the project manager money.

Other essential skills may include good hand-eye-foot coordination, math skills, and color vision to help distinguish objects.

Heavy Machinery working


Wages for demo laborers often depend on many factors, including experience and location. For example, less experienced demo workers make between $8 and 11 per hour. This amount may increase to $15 per hour as the skill and experience level advance.

Where Can I Find Demo Jobs Near Me?

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