What is a Landscaper?

A Landscaper is someone who works primarily outdoors, improving and maintaining the aesthetic appearance or structural integrity of an environment. Any location that incorporates natural outdoor space as part of its property would require the work of landscapers. Landscapers can work on private property, public parks, businesses, colleges or anywhere with a natural environment to maintain.

Common tasks for landscapers are cutting grass, weeding, planting, maintenance of trees and shrubs, leaf blowing or removal of fallen branches, upkeep and repairs of drainage and sprinkler systems, mulching and other outdoor tasks. Landscapers need to be comfortable with equipment, such as mowers, leaf blowers, weed cutters and chainsaws.

Their job often involves operating larger vehicles. Though the bulk of a landscaper’s outdoor work is done in warm weather they often double as snow-blow drivers and snow-removal crews in cold weather and chainsaws.

Landscaper working in the garden

What are the Primary Responsibilities of a Landscaper?

A landscaper’s primary responsibility is maintaining and caring for the land or property that they are assigned to. Landscapers will often work on the same areas many times over, which creates familiarity with and appreciation for the specific needs of certain properties. These tasks include surgical and delicate tasks, such as the careful cutting of shaped hedges, repetitive and simple tasks, such as mowing large areas of grass, or dangerous and demanding tasks, such as cutting branches from a tree high off the ground. Other landscaper responsibilities include:

  • Getting to know and appreciate the needs of a certain environment

  • Work well as a member of a crew

  • Take responsibility for independent tasks

  • Follow the instructions of the property owner or the crew manager

  • Deal with extreme weather, ranging from high heat to severe cold

  • Handle dangerous equipment safely and proficiently

  • Perform repetitive physical tasks, while also having an eye for aesthetic

  • Take pride in the environment they maintain

Where Do Landscapers Work?

Landscaping is a common job because so many properties require it. Work environments for landscapers include:

  • Office buildings or parks that incorporate green space

  • Public parks and gardens

  • Colleges and universities with large quads and gardens

  • Athletic fields that use real grass or greenery

  • Outdoor attractions and amusement parks

  • Private residences and shared communities with lawns or common green space

  • Historical homes or properties

  • Golf courses

Private home landscaping, state parks, outdoor recreational areas, and colleges account for a large percent of all landscaping jobs.

Landscaper working in the garden

How Do I Get A Job as a Landscaper

The level of education required for a career in landscaping depends on the position and the institution or company you are working for. For most people interested in a career in landscaping, a High School diploma or equivalent is sufficient. Most of the experience needed to perform your duties as a landscaper are acquired on the job.

If you are seeking a position in management, a company may want to see a degree in a similar field from a college or university. More complicated or dangerous tasks involving certain equipment or chemicals may require specific training.

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