Medical Assistant

(Certified, Registered)

Set the tone for each patients’ experience

You have searched your heart and now feel like a career in medical assisting is the best fit for you, right? Well, the good news is you have made a great choice. It can feel quite gratifying to know that you have played a role in saving someone’s dad, mom, brother or sister. However, it takes more than strong nerves to deal with strident sirens, ambulances, and hospital emergency codes all day.

As a medical assistant (MA), patients and physicians alike will depend on you to restore order to the complex world of medicine. You will be the first person everyone meets when they visit the facility, and hence, it is your responsibility to set the tone for each patients’ experience.

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What Does a Medical Office Assistant do?

You will be required to handle various tasks including administrative, clinical, or clerical work-- sometimes a combination of all three. That being said, your duties can vary greatly depending on the needs of each individual office or medical facility. Typically, responsibilities will include (but are not limited to):

  • Recording patient’s personal information and history

  • Entering patient information into medical records

  • Preparing blood samples for laboratory tests

  • Scheduling patients appointments

  • Giving patients medications or injections per physicians orders and as permitted by state law

  • Aiding physicians with patient examinations

  • Measuring vital signs, such as blood pressure

How to Become a Medical Assistant

Medical office assistant jobs have no minimum requirements. Often, employers hire candidates with a high school diploma or GED and offer them an opportunity to learn through on-the-job training. Nevertheless, having post-secondary training in the form of a certificate program or an associate’s degree will increase your employability.

Some employers will require candidates to be certified and registered, especially for those performing clinical work.

Medical Assistant Salary

In virtually all healthcare-related jobs, the salary of a medical office assistant is affected by several factors-- the employer, experience, and geographic location. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary an entry-level medical office assistant is $26,080 while those with more experience can make more than $36,800 per year. If the position of medical assistant sounds like a job made for you, be sure to fill out our online job application form.

Career Outlook

Although more healthcare facilities are shifting toward electronic health records, medical assisting jobs are still in high demand. The BLS claims that there will be more than a 29% job increase through 2026.

Candidates who are proficient in both clerical and clinical skills will have the best chances for employability.

Important Qualities

Medical office assistants interact with people all day long, including physicians, patients, nurses, and other staff. This requires good communication skills, essential to discussing patient information with other medical personnel. Other essential qualities include technical skills, keen attention to detail, as well as strong analytical skills.

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Work Conditions

Healthcare staffing agencies often place medical assistants in clinics, hospitals, surgical centers, dentist’s offices, nursing homes, private practices and other healthcare facilities. These environments provide an excellent opportunity for lifelong learning as new situations arise every day. Most often, you will work full time. It is not uncommon to work on holidays, weekends or evenings, especially in facilities that are always open.

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