Bank Teller

Bank Teller

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Bank teller giving the receipt to client

Bank Teller Job Description

If you've ever walked into a bank to deposit cash, set up a bank account, make a withdrawal or take out a loan, then you've interacted with a bank teller. Any bank teller job description will note these key tasks.


As a bank teller, you'll interact with many different people throughout the day. Having excellent people skills is a must. Below is a more in-depth look at what you'll do as a bank teller.

  • Provide account services – Deposit money, make cash withdrawals, process loan payments, note night and mail deposits; sell cashiers checks, travelers checks and various bonds; answer questions in-person and over the phone; refer customers to other employees that can help them with needs.

  • Record Transactions – In addition to serving customers, you'll also be responsible for logging all transactions for internal records, such as cashiers checks, traveler's checks, deposits and payments.

  • Sell or Suggest Bank Products – Suggest and describe new products to customers, promotions, or new loan rates; understand customer needs and desires, and direct them to the correct representative.

  • Complete Special Requests –Take customer orders for new checks, close accounts, follow safe-deposit procedures, open new or temporary accounts.

  • Handle Cash – Count the cash at the start and end of the day, clear up any errors, keep records of transactions, maintain a supply of currency throughout the day, turn old or destroyed bills over to manager.

  • Work as a Team – Follow bank security and operation procedures, aid other tellers, assist in certification of proof.

  • Safety – Keep customer and bank information confidential at all times.

Bank Teller Skills and Qualifications

As a bank teller, your primary duty will be interacting with customers. Maintaining a positive and calm demeanor is key. For any bank teller, people skills and excellent customer service is a requirement that tops the list. Beyond that, general math skills will be necessary for counting money at the beginning and end of a shift. Verbal communication is also paramount for any bank teller, as they will primarily be interacting with other people, often about complex financial details. Some customers will be difficult to understand or communicate with, and for this reason, bank tellers need to be adept at communication. The tasks of a bank teller are highly detailed. Because of this, keen attention to detail is also a must.

Important Skills Required

Bank tellers in the US make between $12 and $13 per hour on average. The average annual salary is $24-$25,000 a year. Most tellers make more when factoring in bonuses.

Room For Growth

Working as a bank teller, you will have opportunities for promotion within the company. Many loan professionals or bank managers started out as a teller. If you have interest in managing your own branch or working on commission as a mortgage broker, being a bank teller can be a good way to get your start.

Great Hours

People will tell you that the best part of being a bank teller is the consistent hours, with weekends and holidays off. As a bank teller, you'll never be asked to work on national holidays. Vacations with family can be planned in advance because of the consistent nature of the job.

Become a Bank Teller

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