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Everyone knows this situation. You receive a product, a bill, a ticket, etc. You have a question and want to speak to a representative. You dial the toll free number, run through the automated system, and you address your concerns to a live person. As you can imagine, this happens thousands upon thousands of times a day. Millions of companies rely on live operators working from call centers all over the country to handle the inbound and outbound concerns of their customers and their business interests. Whether they are actual live calls, web chat, email or social media, call center jobs and opportunities are available almost everywhere these days.

What Is a Call Center?

A call center is a location that offers a company (or companies) the opportunity to serve their patrons directly. Some call centers assist the patrons of a number of companies, while some call centers are dedicated to serving a specific company. At first, these locations were only used for two types of calls: inbound and outbound calls.

  • Inbound: These are calls that are made by the patron to the call center. Typically, these types of calls are sent to operators who will handle any sort of issue or question the patron may have regarding the company’s products.

  • Outbound: These are calls that are made by operators working for the company from the call center to the patron. Typically, these types of calls are related to sales, collections, or surveys.

With the advent of newer forms of technology, there are more types of work available. Patrons and call center operators are now able to communicate with each other via email, social media, and web chat. While some of these newer call center capabilities may seem complicated, they all operate under the same fundamental principle of providing patrons with the best possible experience.

Call Center Jobs

As you can imagine there are a number of key employee positions at a call center. Here are some call center job descriptions for some of the most common positions:

  • Call Center Representative - The most common position. These employees will typically handle inbound and/or outbound calls.

  • Contact Center Team Leader - A team leader is an employee who will typically handle any sort of escalated call situation (often a complaint, though not always).

  • Call Center Management Team - The management team will typically handle any sort of administrative needs. This can include scheduling and coaching, as well as some escalated calls.

  • Quality Control Team - The quality team will typically listen to some inbound and outbound interactions with patrons in order to determine how well the company’s brand is represented and how well the patron’s needs are met. They may recommend certain trainings, changes to call templates, etc.

  • Management Information Systems (MIS) Team - The MIS team will typically assist with setting team metrics, running reports, and providing a clear birds eye view of how the call center is accomplishing (or falling short) of its goals.

  • Call Center Manager - The call center manager is typically one of the highest (if not the highest) position at the call center. They are often responsible for hiring, firing, and any extra responsibilities that are not already covered by any of the previously listed positions.

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Rates will vary depending on the position and where you’re located. According to, the national hourly wage for a call center representative is $13.23 with a yearly salary rate of $34,000.

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