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“How may I help you?” Customer service jobs are always popular, and employers are always looking for representatives who can believably say those words. Sometimes, these positions require someone that is able to handle a patron’s questions in person, sometimes they’re required to assist from a contact center (or call center), and sometimes representatives are able to work from their very own home. Whether it’s answering a patron’s questions in person or providing bill support or tech support from a call center, customer service job opportunities are available almost anywhere. Here are some customer service job descriptions.

Types of Customer Service Positions - Home vs Away

Whether you’re working from home or in person, the number one job of any customer service professional is to provide an exceptional experience to the patrons. Below are some examples of work for customer service jobs from home:

Home Customer Service Representative

With the advent of newer technologies, it’s becoming less and less necessary for employees to work from one specific location. Customer service representatives can work from the comfort of their own home, answering general questions about billing and the products being offered. While not every company offers this type of position, they are becoming more and more popular every day.

Home Chat Agent

If you prefer the comfort of working from home or if you have a family or other circumstances, you may enjoy working as a home chat agent. This position is very similar to a home customer service representative, but instead of speaking to a customer over the phone you are speaking to a customer via an online chat solution. You can answer patron’s questions and concerns without the worry or stress of dealing with outside factors. Sometimes these jobs are offered in tandem with home customer service job opportunities.

Home Virtual Assistant

The most versatile position so far, a person working as a home virtual assistant will have a number of duties. Whether it’s doing some research, assisting with a specific task, or making travel plans, a home virtual assistant is a great way to handle a number of tasks from a remote location.

In Person Customer Service Representative

As listed above, a customer service representative is vital to any sales operation. While some companies will not require you to work from a centralized location, many will. The advantage to these types of jobs is they have a more direct path for advancement. You’ll handle answering questions while also having the opportunity to become a manager, transfer to quality control, learn more about technical support, and more.

In Person Technical Support Jobs

For a position in technical support, it’s possible you’ll need to work from a centralized location like a call center or from a public location such as a store. You’ll not only need to have technical know-how but an ability to communicate with customers and provide empathy. While it’s possible you’ll be able to work from home with these types of positions, you’ll oftentimes find that a company requires you to physically be at one of their locations to ensure you’re as competent as possible with the item for which you’re providing support.


Salary will vary depending on your position, experience, and location. As of 2016, the average annual salary for a customer service representative was $32,300. The lowest earners made $20,000 and the highest earners made $54,000. Positions in car manufacturing, natural gas distribution, and the post office were the highest paid.

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