Data Entry

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Data Entry

Data entry clerks are usually skilled typists who excel in sorting, handling, and quickly entering data into databases. Many data entry clerks work with proprietary data entry software and often need to learn to use this software quickly, from job to job. Overall technological fluency is usually a helpful quality in a data entry clerk.

Data Entry Job Description

Data entry clerks will compile and sort data points, usually from paper documents, and establish whether or not the datas meet entry criteria. They will process these documents and keep an eye out for disparities.

Data entry jobs usually require using either a computer or an optical scanner to move data from paper to computers. Inputting this data requires compliance with company data entry procedures and organizing principles. Data entry clerks will be required to be aware of and meet these standards. When files and information are duplicated or when two systems need to be merged, data entry clerks can review and fix these duplications or refer the problem upwards.

Confidentiality is another crucial aspect of data entry jobs. When working with sensitive corporate data, it’s important that clients, customers, and colleagues feel confident that data entry clerks keep all data highly confidential.

Skills and Qualifications

Data entry jobs can be demanding technically and with regard to energy level and focus level. But, they don’t necessarily need a 4-year college degree. While the qualifications are relatively low for this kind of job, the skills are considerable. Because you’re working with lots of data that can often become monotonous, you need a large reserve of focus. Within this sense of focus, you should have a strong sense of attention to detail. Minute data points go by quickly in data entry jobs, and you need to be able to spot discrepancies and devolutions from the pattern.

Decision making skills are a must in a data entry job. As you work through thousands of pieces of data, you should be able to recognize when to refer something upwards to a manager or team member and when it’s appropriate to make a fix or change on your own.

Advantages of Data Entry Jobs

Online data entry jobs are great for people looking for an entry to a certain sector of the job market, because the education requirements are flexible. Online data entry jobs can also be convenient for anyone that needs a remote work situation. Often datasets can be emailed through secure servers, or papers can be messaged or sent to the data entry clerk. This means that people like stay-at-home parents, people with artistic careers, people with remote living situations, or people with mobility issues can put their skills to good use while working from their homes.

That said, this is certainly a position that can also manifest itself as a long-term value in a company. There is upward mobility in the data entry field, as well as lateral related job positions that many data entry clerks move on to.


The salary range for data entry jobs begins at $28,000 per year and can get as high as $35,000 per year, depending on education and experience. There are also several tiers of data entry analyst or clerk, topping out at Data Supervisor, which can range as high as $60,000 per year.

Moving to a related field like data architecture or completing a data science degree can put you on track to earn in the six figures and work in cutting edge technology environments.

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