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Job Searching in 2018: Important Changes You Need to Know

Our world is one of rapid technological change. How we go about our daily lives seems to change every day, with innovations in technology offering new conveniences and applications. This goes for job searchers and job applicants as well. Utilizing technology is essential for job seekers everywhere. Here are some vital pieces of information that everyone in the market for a new job should know.

Keep Your Online Brand Polished and Up To Date

It’s essential that you create and maintain an online presence with a professional, positive, and unique brand.  New deep-learning and data science methods employed by recruiters use massive datasets to cull groups of potential matches from all your publicly available online data. If your social profiles are optimized to create a unified, attractive picture of who you are, you will increase the likelihood of getting contacted by recruiters.

Stay Ready to Apply at Any Time

These deep learning algorithms are likely to notice that you are searching and will thus make you more visible to hiring managers. If you’re in a deep job search, you might just find yourself targeted by job search algorithms. Google and YouTube ads are constantly evolving to match you with content you can use. So, don’t be surprised if a job posting appears as an ad when you least expect it. If you have updated copies of your CV on all your devices and hiring platforms, you can respond at a moment’s notice if something pops up. You can quickly respond to the jobs at the source of where you received the first notice.

Your Brand Filtered Through Your Social Media Presence

A brand can be a static thing: this is who you are and what you offer. But your presence needs to reflect your brand and needs constant and active engagement. The articles you share and the opinions you post with them create a reference library of sorts for companies that want to learn more about you. The people you network with create a social picture of the kinds of people you value. Companies source jobs from everywhere nowadays, and it’s important to make your LinkedIn profile a place that appropriately reflects you. Hiring managers and candidate-finding algorithms take every aspect of these profiles into account. They look at who you follow (make sure to follow some LinkedIn influencers), what you post, and the construction of your profile.

Applications Enhanced by New Technology

These days, you can use tech to enhance your resume and applications. From an interactive online CV that provides a deep dive into your experience to a simple video introduction, there are ways for people at all skill levels to make themselves more desirable. By using technology in clever ways you can also demonstrate your technological aptitude for prospective employers.

Job Searching Remains Human

No matter how much algorithms and deep learning technologies have affected job targeting, there will be a point in your searching and hiring process where your person-to-person relationship becomes paramount. The computer-based layer will most likely give way to a real live recruiter. Maintaining strong interpersonal skills will never be obsolete. Certified Source is a job source company dedicated to helping qualified candidates and companies make the perfect match! Staying on top of this ever-changing landscape is what we do. It’s never easy, but you should look for jobs at the source and agencies like us are where hiring managers and job seekers get connected.

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