Keep Employee Momentum Going in 2022 

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When you started your business or took on a management role, there is a good chance that you had set clear and defined goals about what you wanted to achieve. While things may have gotten off to a great start, it is easy to quickly fall back into old patterns. The truth is, sticking to your goals can be challenging for anyone – especially your employees. But what can you do as an employer to set them up for the best chances at success so they can keep the momentum going into 2022?

Encourage Open Communication

One of the easiest ways to help your employees ensure they are achieving their career goals is to determine their exact goals. As you might imagine, creating an open line of communication and fostering a positive environment can make this much more manageable. By developing a relationship with your employee in which they feel comfortable sharing their goals with you, you will be able to guide, motivate, and assist them in achieving them.

Check-In Regularly

Career goals can often be laid out to where there are multiple milestones on the journey to a coveted position. However, these goals and objectives can change over time as new career paths open or changing life circumstances affect career goals. Checking in with employees regularly to determine if their milestones are still relevant, if they have achieved the previously set milestones, and being sensitive to a potentially changing viewpoint can help encourage the most success.

Manager checking in on his employees

Give Career Advancement Opportunities

If you know an employee's ultimate career goals, you should be actively helping them achieve them through career advancement opportunities. By outlining what is expected of the employee to reach these positions and encouraging them to strive for them, they will be more apt to align with the company's goals and contribute positively. When this happens, they should be rewarded with advancement opportunities to ensure they do not lose hope or drive.

Provide Mentorship and Career Coaching

As a management member, or a business owner, there is a good chance that you got where you are with the help of mentors or other career coaches. As an employer, you should strive to provide employees with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Not only will this turn new employees into seasoned veterans in a matter of years, but it will also help bridge skills gaps that might be present within your organization.

Expand Training and Education Opportunities

Training will often accommodate many different goals, including obtaining new certifications to expand existing skills or simply staying up to date with modern technologies and approaches within your industry. As an employer, you should take the time to determine what training and education will be beneficial for your employees and encourage them to pursue it if it aligns with their goals. This often further strengthens retainment programs to limit churn or turnover.

Training with the employees

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