Possible Solutions for Injuries and Employee Compliance Issues

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Exploring Motivation as a Possible Solution for Injuries and Employee Compliance Issues

Many manufacturers take the precautions to be a step ahead of other industries when it comes to workplace safety. Unfortunately, they must be due to the use of heavy machinery, excessive noise, and hazardous materials. Keeping team members safe at all times should be a priority, not an afterthought. But what role might motivation play in ensuring that your employees are maintaining strict safety standards at all times?

Motivation is a powerful tool that meets several distinct needs. If you have followed our articles, there is a good chance that you are now starting to understand the powerful role that it plays when transforming your work environment to be more productive and reduce turnover. All of these are great factors, but excessive injuries at your facilities could lead to devastating consequences – potentially even closing them down for an extended period if the worst happens.

How Can Motivation Reduce Injuries and Employee Compliance Issues?

Maintaining a zero-injury goal is far more accessible when team members are working toward a common incentive. In fact, no one wants to be the reason that a sitewide incentive is not reached – making it a particularly advantageous strategy to always encourage workplace safety. Instead of focusing on a “zero” policy, why not make the shift to develop a company culture that is built on safety? This approach will be more beneficial in the long term and will not single out individuals that are responsible for an accidental injury.

Many critics in the manufacturing industry have found that zero-injury goals are more likely to create a tunnel-vision focus that causes more harm than good. Instead of promoting a positive, engaging atmosphere, team members are more likely to feel afraid or anxious that they will be the cause of the next workplace injury. Unfortunately, this could potentially become a self-fulfilling prophecy simply because they are so focused on maintaining a safe environment and worrying that they are not safe enough.

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To be clear, every business should strive to meet a zero-injury workplace; however, that goal should not be what we are scrutinizing. Instead, we are directly looking at the safety programs being implemented in modern manufacturing environments. Would it be more beneficial to see zero injuries as a focus for a safety program or a by-product of an effective motivation strategy and culture that is built to help people make safe decisions while at work? When put into this perspective, we think the answer becomes much clearer.

Certified Source is dedicated to not only fulfilling the staffing needs of our manufacturing partners, but also transforming the company culture they have with a focus on motivational strategies to address workplace injuries and employee compliance issues. Whether you are struggling to find new team members that adhere to strict safety measures or simply need to source workers that have advanced skills for more challenging jobs, we are a partner you can trust. Contact us or find your nearest location today to learn what is possible!