Possible Solutions for Low First Pass Yield

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Exploring Motivation as a Possible Solution for Low First-Pass Yield

Manufacturing organizations are constantly working to navigate disruptions. As the industry rebounds from the global pandemic and its associated labor shortages, production is finally starting to get back to normal. One of the best ways for these organizations to grow is to ensure that their finished product first-pass yield for primary products is calculated correctly. Focusing on motivation may be a great way to increase the first-pass yield to an acceptable range if it is low.

First-pass quality yield measures the percentage of finished products that meet quality specifications when arriving at a final test point. This metric is crucial for increasing efficiency and optimization, but it also helps minimize waste and improve resource consumption. Strong performance indicators in these areas will mean that employees are motivated, equipment is being maintained optimally, and fewer defects are created during the manufacturing process.

How Can Increased Motivation Improve Low First-Pass Yield?

Motivation is critical in any industry; however, the unique environment and job requirements in the manufacturing industry make it even more critical. According to research from APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking database in manufacturing, the top manufacturing performers achieve roughly 98% success in meeting quality standards on a first pass. Alternatively, bottom performers tend to be around 8% lower – resulting in rework and increased scrap.

Any business seeking to achieve faster cycle times while reducing the generation of scrap should actively be nurturing the growth of their employees to make them top performers based on these statistics. And as you might have guessed, investing in motivational aspects could be the missing piece of the puzzle to achieve this. Some of the techniques that a manufacturing organization might consider when improving motivational processes company-wide include counseling, socialization, incentivization, or improved recognition programs. Top performers will actively neutralize low first-pass yield issues with these programs in place.

factory workers celebrating the success together

While motivation will often take care of the human side of low first-pass yield issues, the organization needs to ensure that positive momentum continues on the machine side as well. By using advanced analytics, manufacturing organizations can easily take control of their equipment up-time and regular maintenance without hindering their team members’ success. This data gives unmatched insight into decision-making processes but can also help a company quickly determine when a machine isn’t functioning as intended and dragging down processes. Any manufacturer that struggles with downtime should consider pursuing advanced analytics options.

Achieving top-tier performance for a first-pass yield shouldn’t be a challenge for manufacturers that have taken the time to plan accordingly, improve employee motivation, and streamline their processes. Any gaps throughout these areas will quickly deteriorate the possible level of success and may result in higher costs, decreased product quality, or lost efficiency.

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