Possible Solutions for Low Morale

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Exploring Motivation as a Possible Solution for Low Morale

Achieving high employee morale does not always mean that a business needs to crank up its incentive programs or provide higher than average wages. In fact, there are many cost-effective ways to increase motivation sitewide and help teams excel in all required areas. As a team leader, there is a good chance you will play a vital role in employee morale. What are you doing to improve it among your team members actively?

High morale can often fuel motivation because these two are so intertwined. Although, it is vital to make a distinction between the two. While morale is how team members feel when they are at work, motivation is the drive or commitment they are willing to put forward to meet company goals and personal career growth. This is important to understand since a manager may not be able to motivate an employee directly; however, they play a critical role in achieving the proper morale levels.

How Can Motivation Improve Low Morale?

Making a conscious effort to improve low morale will simultaneously have a significant impact on motivation. One of the best ways to improve low morale through motivation is to strengthen the recognition you give employees. Nearly 50% of employees want to hear more feedback from their direct managers, and doing so can simultaneously reduce turnover by as much as 31%. When team members feel valued, turnover can be decreased, and they will be excited to come to work and contribute.

One other way to motivate employees that have low morale is to offer them the flexibility to contribute in their own ways or optimize the effectiveness of their time at work. Some ways to achieve this include implementing flexible work schedules, reducing scheduled commitments, and setting reasonable work hours. These steps can help minimize employee burnout that might be occurring and encourage consistent productivity. Eliminating unproductive time sinks that may be in place can also help ensure that team members can dedicate the appropriate amount of time to their jobs.

Smiling diverse coworkers applauding, supporting new worker or congratulating with personal professional achievement.

Finally, it is essential to give your team members meaningful work. That way, they can find a sense of purpose while on the job. This often plays a significant role in improving mental and emotional stimulation and can directly lead to improved morale and motivation sitewide. There is a good chance that all your employees will be motivated by different things. So, generating a well-rounded plan is critical for success.

Both motivation and morale are important parts of a productive and healthy workplace. The value gained when both aspects are fine-tuned will become apparent immediately. While using the tips above is a fantastic way to get started, working with a performance-based staffing team in Oklahoma might be the missing piece of the puzzle. We have job rotation options that can help eliminate burnout and reduce turnover. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us or find your nearest location to get started!