Possible Solutions for Meeting Headcount Goals

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Possible Solutions for Meeting Headcount Goals


Manufacturers nationwide, from New York to California, are facing a common problem – meeting headcounts while controlling the cost of labor to meet designated profit and loss (P&L) targets. Common ways to meet these goals include reducing overtime, cutting headcounts or squeezing markups; however, this is still a balancing act that does not always pay off. In fact, using any of these tactics could hinder a manufacturer’s ability to maintain production and efficiency.

With achieving accurate headcounts long-term becoming an industry-wide problem, it has never been more important to focus explore the effect that a wage analysis could have on improving these numbers. Focusing on attracting a workforce that contributes to productivity is critical for meeting headcounts. Although, paying a competitive market wage to manufacturing employees is yet another key component that must be addressed. A competitive wage analysis then quickly becomes a clear tactic that should be utilized by the manufacturing industry to ensure employees are meeting net goals while employees receive the value they deserve and make decisions to retain employment with the manufacturer long term. But how does a competitive wage analysis improve headcounts and what other benefits can be achieved through an improved salary and benefits package?

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How Does Wage Analysis Improve Headcounts?

As organizations expand and grow, it is not uncommon for wages and associated benefits to get lost in the growth process – resulting in non-competitive wages and excessive levels of employee turnover. A wage analysis is a comprehensive examination of the current wage and benefits programs within the manufacturing facility for an individual position type in comparison with other similar positions locally, nationally or industry-wide. The results of a wage analysis can, in turn, help determine if current wages and benefits packages are attracting top talent or directly contributing to low headcounts.

The top priority for many modern manufacturers is maintaining a consistent workforce. Unfortunately, this leads many manufacturers to recruit employees that are not always a great fit just to ensure headcounts are being consistently met instead of focusing on not only meeting headcounts but attracting and retaining the right quality of employees. With a competitive wage analysis, manufacturers can determine what hourly pay rate would attract the right talent that would stay long-term while also contributing to the overall success of the business. This actively reduces employee turnover and creates a reliable workforce that further improves productivity and efficiency.


Understanding the right market wage for labor, paying employees fairly, and ensuring they are treated well is important for positive results. Taking the bold step to determine the right wage and offer higher pay than competitors may seem like a costly approach. Although, this increased wage can help recruit and attract qualified candidates while also increasing the demands placed on each employee at a line level. While this may seem like a daunting task for many modern manufacturers, Certified Source makes finding the right wage easy while improving headcounts through performance-based staffing services.

Exploring Targeted Recruitment and Retention Programs as a Possible Solution for Meeting Headcounts

In addition to wage analysis benefits, taking the time to search for the right employees and actively targeting them is critical for continued success. 

Implementing a targeted employment recruitment strategy has many benefits for businesses that want to gain employees under a specific niche, fill hard-to-hire positions or increase applicant quality while lowering their acquisition costs. Creating this focus ensures that only individuals who fit a vacant position's unique requirements are shown or offered opportunities for consideration or employment.

Targeting recruitment is a strategy often used to narrow down advertising efforts on a skills-based and geographic level. For this approach to be successful, businesses have to know what they are looking for in an employee and thoroughly research their qualifications for a candidate. Recruiters and hiring managers need to work together to determine required skill sets and the criteria used to ensure the best candidates possible. But what benefits can be achieved with this information and a well-crafted targeted recruitment and retention program designed the meet headcounts?


How Can Targeted Recruitment and Retention Programs Help Meet Headcounts?

Numerous benefits can be achieved when a company focuses on targeted recruitment and retention programs. Initially, these programs facilitate building an employer brand presence in front of the best talent available.

When a targeting message is compelling, it creates a positive brand image among job seekers. It also ensures that candidates are familiar with your brand in the future if new opportunities that meet their criteria become available. In essence, this strategy creates the opportunity to prepare for future positions and those currently available.

An additional benefit afforded by targeting recruitment strategies designed to meet headcounts is that any "hard-to-fill" positions within the organization will become easier. This happens because the organization knows the exact skill sets and experience needed; however, the real benefit is that candidates can be matched against these requirements to ensure the right fit. With this strategy in place, any received applications are more likely to meet the minimum requirements, allowing the recruiter or employer to focus on quality candidates instead of sifting through applications that do not meet their needs.


Once these headcounts are met, good retention programs must be in place to ensure that this talent does not leave in the short-term. Even the implementation of a basic employee retention program can help a company further improve its ability to recruit top talent – instead of being viewed as just a stepping stone to other industry opportunities.


Far too often, organizations worry about slowing employee churn since high turnover rates drain available time and resources. Having strong employee recruitment and retention plan in place can help mitigate this risk long-term. Although creating new employee retention and targeted recruitment strategies takes time, the benefits that can be achieved are immense. Just remember to align your plans with your existing company culture for the most impact. Through Certified Source’s Performance Based Staffing services, companies are able to ensure that their headcounts are being met through well-crafted and implemented targeted recruitment strategies.