Possible Solutions for Reducing Turnover

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Exploring Wage Analysis as a Possible Solution for


Certain positions in the manufacturing industry tend to have high rates of employee turnover, resulting in a never-ending revolving door of new employees. The impact that this turnover has on a business is abundantly clear as managers and coworkers vent their frustration and productivity levels reach an all-time low.

Without the proper level of care and research, this can ultimately dig into the manufacturer's bottom line. With the unprecedented level of turnover that is occurring, it has never been more important for manufacturers to focus on innovative solutions for reducing turnover. While there is no “magic solution” for reducing employee turnover, a wage analysis is often one of the best ways to incentivize employee commitment. Unfortunately, many of these manufacturing positions require an employee to perform tedious tasks over and over for up to 10 hours each day. Identifying the right fit for the vacant positions that are available and providing an above-average salary can often lead to higher job satisfaction. However, knowing the appropriate salary to offer potential or existing employees can be incredibly difficult without the research and information afforded through wage analysis. But what impact could wage analysis have on the ability to retain employees long-term?


How Does Wage Analysis Reduce Turnover?

While it may be tempting for a manufacturer to hire any interested candidate for a vacant position, this practice can often increase turnover and further exacerbate the problem. Taking the time to identify the minimum skills required for the job and establishing a fair wage to complete those tasks can help improve job satisfaction while simultaneously improving the chances of them staying with the facility long-term as a valued and productive employee.

One way to ensure employee satisfaction and focus on improving retention is to perform a wage analysis to create a benchmark and ensure employees are weighing their current job duties against their designated wages. Many manufacturers mistakenly believe that turnover is an inevitable part of the business given the tedious nature of the job that employees are required to complete daily. While turnover will likely always be present to some degree, it can be managed with an appropriate salary and incentivization through benefits or rewards programs. Improved wages may also help boost morale while enhancing the ability to achieve productivity goals. At the same time, a great salary program can also establish a manufacturing facility as a great place that job seekers will want to work at, and existing employees will want to stay with long term.


Taking the time to ensure that employees are receiving the right market wage for labor and that they are being treated well can help create positive change that reduces turnover. While it may seem detrimental to increase employee wages, this can help retain top talent and reduce employee turnover long term. Certified Source makes reducing turnover easy through our performance-based staffing services designed to not only improve performance but also elevate employee morale and satisfaction to further reduce employee turnover.