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Receptionist jobs are always being updated and added in today’s growing economy. Receptionists are usually the first line of communication in an office setting. A receptionist takes phone calls, schedules appointments and events within the office, and is usually relied upon to keep the reception area attractive and welcoming.

There are several skills and qualifications that make a great receptionist, and there are also some qualities that just aren’t measurable. Receptionists usually have a certain quality about them -- one that makes people feel comfortable and cared for. We’ll go over these qualities and more. If you’re searching online for ‘receptionist jobs near me,’ you’re probably already the kind of person who will excel in this type of role.

Receptionist Job Description

Receptionists are responsible for greeting and welcoming office visitors and ensuring they have everything they need while they wait. Part of welcoming visitors is making sure visitors have the sense that the person they’re waiting for is aware of their arrival, even if there’s a delay. Receptionists will have to give directions around the office, keep a directory of the people in the office, and maintain a good grasp of that directory.

Receptionists maintain visitor logs and issue welcome badges, often keeping the office safe by keeping these logs. An important part of office security is simply knowing who comes in and out. Receptionists are the keepers of this information. Receptionists keep the reception area clean and stocked with whatever welcome items, like coffee, water and other treats. Receptionists will also coordinate between different teams in the organization and mitigate problems that arise. They aren’t just the front line for the office -- they’re often the go-between because they hold everyone’s schedule in hand. Receptionists will often be the reason teams achieve goals because they accurately and promptly relay information between teams, making important connections amongst staff members.

Receptionist taking phone calls

Skills and Requirements

The traditional skill that we often associate with receptionists is typing. Of course, that’s a big one. You also must have impeccable phone etiquette and might be asked to be fluent in more than one language. Using Microsoft Office and other scheduling software is a requirement, as most offices use Outlook to keep schedules. Receptionists also often manage orders and inventory of office supplies, as well as keep a relationship with office vendors.

As far as requirements, college education isn’t required, but it can be helpful depending on the office environment you’re in. It can also help you move up in your career, as many Executive Assistant roles and Office Manager roles require a Bachelor’s degree. Receptionist jobs can often blossom into these larger, more lucrative roles as time goes by.


Many receptionist jobs are paid hourly, but receptionist jobs offer salaries that range from $20,000 to $36,000. These can range higher depending on the local economy. Look up “receptionist jobs near me” and you’ll often find jobs in your area and get a better sense of what salaries look like near you. At Certified Source, our focus is in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Our Clerical Staffing page can show you all the receptionist jobs we have available. As always, we love working with job posters as well as job seekers. If you’re looking for the best receptionist staffing options in the Tulsa area we can help you. Our receptionist job seekers are all vetted and rigorously chosen. As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions.