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When Selecting a Staffing Firm, Look for Growth

A growing business is an exciting time for any owner, but the rapidly growing abundance of work can also make it a time of high stress. Excellent business teams that work well together and raise statistics are not easily made overnight and hiring can seem a daunting task. Many companies find themselves in a great deal of trouble when profits boom and then go on a hiring splurge only to realize later that they may no longer need so many new workers, potentially creating some awkward situations.

This is where hiring a staffing agency can be extremely helpful. Finding hardworking and talented employees continues to be a challenge for companies big and small. The undertaking of examining applications, interviewing applicants, and the process of negotiating salaries and wages take valuable time away from the business owner’s other important tasks, which may end up hurting the overall well-being of the company in the long run. This is why more and more business owners are turning to staffing solutions as a staple of their business.

How do Staffing Agencies work?

As soon as a staffing agency is informed by an employer that their company has a job opening, the agency immediately begins utilizing resources and actively recruiting to fill the position for you. This process usually contains three simple steps:

  • If the agency does not already have an employee in their system that would fit the criteria for the job needed, they can advertise the availability of the position for you in places where individuals seeking jobs are more likely to look. They may post the job opening on their own website or other sites where a wide audience will be reached.
  • When they receive applications for various available job positions, they follow a similar process that any other employer would. Staffing professionals will contact applicants who meet the job’s criteria, and interview and screen the applicant to the employer’s specifications, which can include things like background checks and drug tests.
  • And finally, hiring. Once an individual is found who best suits the requirements of the job, they will be presented to the company by the staffing agency. Once hired, all paychecks and benefits that are offered will be issued by the staffing agency.

There are a few misconceptions when it comes to staffing agencies, one of the most common being that hiring a staffing agency is simply too expensive to be worth the service provided. Some employers may ask themselves, why pay extra in recruiting costs when I could just hire someone on my own? Well, though you may think you are saving your money at the onset, using a staffing agency may end up saving you and your company big money in the long run. Once the hard costs of an employee are tallied, using a staffing agency is a much more cost-effective scenario.

Another common misconception about staffing agencies is that some believe the quality of recruited employees may be lacking. Some companies may think that workers who are hired through staffing firms are only there because they lack the talents necessary to get hired on their own. However, the case is often, the exact opposite. More and more, job seekers use staffing agencies to locate career opportunities with companies that are difficult to apply directly.

Choose the staffing agency that is right for you. One that you trust as a strategic hiring adviser that has your company’s best interest in mind. When partnering with a staffing agency allow them enough access to information that they will need to learn more about your business and requirements. The success of a good partnership involves valuing each member, the client, job applicants, staffing agency, and the development of a workable and flexible workforce plan that can be a pivotal factor in the growth and sustained success of your organization.

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