Ways to Thank Your Team for Their Hard Work 

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Managing a team of people can be difficult in many ways – from giving positive feedback to reprimanding employees when necessary. However, thanking staff is vital to continue empowering teams and their productivity. When we think about giving thanks to team members, we must realize that rewards can come in all shapes and sizes. What kind of reward would you want for your hard work?

Start by thinking back to the time before you were in management. Think about how your boss and supervisors recognized your efforts.

With this in mind, pursue rewards for employees based on consistency in performance. If you have an employee that wants or needs more attention than others, take a more personal approach to say thank you. This could be a handwritten note, an in-person recognition, or a heartfelt thank you posted to social media.

What are Some Helpful Ways to Thank Your Team?

Employees want to feel loved and appreciated every day they come to work. Not only are they required to complete their work tasks, but they must also keep a positive attitude and stay respectful to all staff and stakeholders surrounding our business! Saying “thank you” is a simple yet effective way for them to feel seen and understood.

Tip 1: Give Meaning to Your Recognition

Make your praise meaningful for each employee by personalizing their performance in your thank you message. Point out characteristics of the employee that you admire or appreciate. Pay attention to employees during their working hours and notice the smaller and larger efforts they put forth.

Tip 2: Consider Special Rewards for Persistent Effort

It may be helpful to take an inventory of staff favorites or preferences when receiving gifts or rewards. Try asking the staff what they would like to see when being praised by their boss. With this information, you can give team members the exact kind of recognition to which they are receptive.

Tip 3: Personalize the Way You Say “Thank You”

Showing you take personal time to create unique messages for staff members will demonstrate how dedicated and caring you are as a boss. Involving other colleagues during birthdays or other special occasions can also be an easy way to help show mass gratitude. However, face-to-face interactions are above all the sincerest.

Tip 4: Build Trust and Stay Observant

As a manager, you must build trust among your employees. Do this through small activities requiring communication throughout all work areas. Stay observant when grouping staff randomly throughout trust-building activities; you will notice individual personalities and preferences.

Two smiling businessmen shaking hands together while standing by windows in an office

What Should You Avoid When Saying Thank You?

Always remember that your employees are humans too. Giving a sincere “thank you” will increase motivation and continue to build trusting relationships across your organization. Here are some things you might want to avoid when showing gratitude.

  • Do not only thank the same few staff members; find a way to rotate through the team.

  • Do not only give candy or beverages as a thank you.

  • Do not just say “thank you” without a justification of recognized efforts.

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