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What are Adaptability Skills?

If you have been in the workforce long, you likely have heard of adaptability skills; however, you may not understand exactly what they are. In modern times, career paths across all industries require the use of new technologies, changes in the economy, fluctuating budgets and much more. Unfortunately, the only way to keep pace with ongoing changes is to embrace them and modify the way you react to them.

Adaptability in the workplace is often defined as the ability of an employee or member of management to alter their abilities to adjust to new environments or changing demands. Through adaptability, these individuals show they are capable of learning from experience while also improving their aptitude. One of the biggest benefits of adaptability skills is the ability to make yourself invaluable as an employee no matter what challenges you may face.

While this may seem like a widespread trait, many employees or organizations find themselves falling behind with a minor change in their daily routine. This inability to adapt can quickly lead to a loss in profits or, even worse, unemployment if an individual fails to succeed with new requirements that are imposed upon them or the organization as a whole. The world is changing faster than ever with the introduction of new technologies, making employees that possess adaptability skills invaluable.

Identifying Common Adaptability Skills

As an employer, knowing what common adaptability skills you should be looking for can help weed out the candidates that will likely shine within your organization. However, as an employee, working on improving these adaptability skills can help you not only secure a job but also improve your worth at a company. Some common adaptability skills include:

  • Creativity – When job requirements change, an employee will likely have to think outside of the box to improve their workflow and adapt. Without creativity, your team or employees will have a much harder time finding the right solution.
  • Attentiveness – Without attentiveness and the ability to stay focused, employees will often suffer from a loss in productivity that can reflect poorly on their job performance. Employees that can focus their energy and passion towards their job duties will often exceed productivity goals.
  • Malleability – As job requirements change, it is important for employees to be able to quickly embrace new processes while abandoning old ones. Without the ability to be malleable, employees will often fall back into their old ways and hinder advancement.
  • Ambition – Employees that are constantly focusing on their past performance and not striving to be more will often find it hard to climb the employment ladder in a company. However, employees with ambition will not only give their best day in and day out, but they can help prepare an organization for future success.

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