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Why Temp to Hire Works

In the modern job market, employers will often have to give up something they really want in order to quickly fill a position. Companies continue to search for that elusive candidate that is perfect for the job, they also are struggling to find a candidate that even meets basic qualifications. As the competition gap between the talent pool and employers continues to shrink, it is important for companies to adopt new hiring practices to remain viable. For this reason, the Temp to Hire strategy has become an important tool that can support the long-term goals of an organization.

How Does it Work?

As an agreement between an employer and a candidate, a Temp to Hire agreement is a hiring concept in which a temporary employee can achieve a permanent hire status after a predetermined amount of time. This can help ease new employees into their position and reduce potential turnover if the employee doesn’t feel like the position is the right fit for their career goals. However, it provides many other benefits as well.

One of the biggest challenges that employers face is losing a great candidate because they have already accepted an offer from another organization; often, even before they are able to read the resume. With a Temp to Hire strategy, employers have the ability to acquire the top talent available before a competitor is able to. Aside from ensuring you have the highest-quality candidates possible; it removes unneeded stress that will typically fall on the rest of your staff is a position remains unfilled for extended periods.

Under a Temp to Hire agreement, employers are able to accurately determine the qualifications a candidate has before granting them a full-hire status. Since the modern demands of employers make it increasingly more difficult to find the right candidate, this approach allows an employer to give the candidate a test-run to prove their worth. If it isn’t mutually beneficial for both parties, the employee can be severed or leave on their own with no harm done.

One other important aspect of a Temp to Hire strategy is the ability of an employer and candidate to determine if they fit within the company culture. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common reasons for turnover in the modern job market. If you are able to assimilate a temporary hire easily into the company culture, they are more likely to stay long term when a full-time position is offered. Why Certified?
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