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5 In-Demand Manufacturing Jobs

In the modern economy, manufacturing jobs are making an impressive comeback and providing job stability for a large percentage of the American population. As the reliance on “Made in America” goods become more sought after, the need for qualified employees is greater now than it has been in recent years. If you are looking for a career shift, here are 5 in-demand manufacturing jobs you should keep in mind during your job search.

Manufacturing Production Supervisor

A manufacturing production supervisor will work closely with the employees of a manufacturing plant in order to oversee the processes and operations that are performed. While this position may be responsible for overseeing an entire plant, they may just work with specific divisions within the facility. In most cases, this position will be responsible for ensuring that the raw materials and supplies needed are stocked and available whenever needed to maintain consistent and safe work at all times.

Machine Operator

A machine operator is often responsible for performing a range of tasks required to set up, monitor, operate or troubleshoot manufacturing machines. As the tools undergo wear and tear, this position will often also be responsible for monitoring decay and inspecting parts to ensure they work as intended. To accomplish this, machine operators will often need to adjust manufacturing equipment or perform tool changes to maintain consistency.

Pickers and Packers

As a necessary position in warehouses or distribution centers, pickers and packers are responsible for pulling completed merchandise from shelves and preparing them for shipping. As a fast-paced position, pickers and packers must often meet strict deadlines and work quickly to ensure items are shipped as quickly as possible. Many manufacturing plants are looking for employees that can meet these deadlines and complete a designated project in a matter of minutes to maintain a steady flow of product from a facility.


In manufacturing plants nationwide, the machinist is responsible for using the available tools to create or modify parts that are intended for sale. In most cases, this will require some electrical or manufacturing experience, but most employers are willing to provide the education and experience needed. In this position, you may work to refine parts and ensure the desired outcome as needed by your employer depending on the specifications provided by a client.


Unlike other manufacturing positions that work with metal or plastic components, carpenters will work with primarily wood as source material when creating building materials or objects like cabinetry that will go inside of a home or commercial structure. In this position, employees will be expected to have knowledge cutting, shaping and installing building materials in most cases. However, work experience will often be taken into account other than formal training when searching for a suitable candidate.

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