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5 Interview Process Evaluation Ideas

As an employer, you likely already know how hard it is to find the top talent due to a competitive and always-changing work environment. With the wide variety of opportunities to choose from and the struggle employers face finding their dream candidates, it may be time to adapt to new hiring processes to achieve the most success. If you are struggling to find the top talent, here are 5 interview process evaluation ideas you should be implementing.

Decreasing Interview Rounds

Did you know that some candidates have to go through as many as four interview rounds before being offered a position? While this may seem like a great way to weed out candidates that aren’t right for the job, you may also be scaring away the top talent because of the lengthy process; especially if they are already working full-time at another organization. The faster you can make the interview process, the more likely you are to land the best employee possible.

Be More Transparent

Honesty is generally the best policy when interviewing potential candidates. If you are upfront about the process and what they can expect if they receive the position, they will be more likely to comply with your needs in the hiring process and make exceptions. If a candidate isn’t a good fit for the position, don’t be afraid to let them know as soon as possible to allow them to move on. By maintaining transparency, you can ensure all parties are at the same level of understanding.

Remain Flexible with Positions

Some of the best candidates may not currently be looking for a full-time position and that’s ok. If a candidate is the right fit for your position but they aren’t interested in working 40 hours a week, try incorporating them into a part-time position and moving them up later when they are seeking more substantial work. This also allows you to integrate them into the company without offering benefits or other perks that come with full-time employment.

Move Faster When You Want a Candidate

Let’s face it, the hiring process can be unbearably long for most organizations simply because they want to take the time to find the best candidate possible. Unfortunately, some of the top talents could already be gone if offered a position at a comparable company for their desired pay. If a candidate seems like the right fit, don’t be afraid to expedite the process and secure them before it’s too late and they are no longer interested in your position.

Be Reasonable with Portfolio Requests

While you may be tempted to ask for an original work sample as part of the hiring process, most candidates won’t have the time to comply with your needs. Instead, take the time to review their past work in a portfolio and compare it to the tasks they will be working on if offered the position. This will give you an inside look at what they are capable of and how it can be applied to the needs of your organization without being unreasonable. Why Certified?
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