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5 Tips to Ace Your Video Interview

As the COVID-10 crisis continues to transform business as usual for many industries, new technology developments have made it possible for businesses to perform “socially distant” interviews by relying on Zoom and other video chat platforms. While this brings new challenges for both job seekers, and the interviewer that is speaking to them, there are many great tips to help ace a video interview on any modern platform that is available and make a positive impact on a potential employer – even if you are not actually face to face.  

If you have a stable internet connection and a willingness to prepare, it has never been easier to make it through a video interview. In fact, with these key considerations taken care of the rest of the steps required to make a great impression likely will fall into place quickly. But what do you need to keep in mind throughout the planning process before the interview begins and what preparations must be made in advance? In this article, we will look at 5 tips to help you ace your video interview and land your dream career from the comfort of your own home. 

Seek Seclusion

If you have children or an animal at your home, there is a good chance that they do not like to give you very much privacy. However, these distractions could keep you from making a positive impression during your video interview and may hinder your ability to hear the questions they ask or keep you from giving your full attention to the interviewer. Take the time to find a quiet area to perform the interview and ensure you have turned off your phone and computer notifications to disable noisy alerts that may also distract you. 

Improve Your Lighting

When it comes to video interviews, potential employers would like to see the candidate. Although, without the appropriate lighting, this can be incredibly hard and may not give the interviewer a clear picture of the candidate. The same also goes for using fluorescent lighting or incandescent bulbs that do not look flattering. For the best possible results, try to use natural lighting whenever possible by sitting next to a window and test out the lighting before the interview happens. As a bonus tip, try to avoid backlighting that may also distort your appearance in the foreground. 

Dress the Part

Even though you are interviewing from your own home or another location, that does not mean that you should skip the pants and only make a positive appearance from the waist up. Many studies have found that dressing the part can help job seekers feel more confident throughout the process and may have a great psychological impact on how they perform. Looking professional, even if the interviewer cannot see your entire outfit, is crucial for getting into a professional mindset. 

Test Your Setup

If possible, try to have mock meetings with your friends or family through the same pieces of software that you will be using for your video interview. This can help work out any “bugs” that may be occurring and ensure you have a painless and trouble-free technology experience with your interviewer. If you are experiencing connection issues, move closer to your router and improve your setup before the interview begins. This can make you feel prepared and limit the stress of a less than optimal signal when the interview begins. 

Boost Your Background

No job seeker wants a messy background to spoil their interview. Unfortunately, this is one thing that they rarely account for when preparing for a video interview. In most cases, it is best to keep your background simple with a solid wall and some plants or conduct the interview in your home office if you are trying to land some type of remote position. This shows that you have the time and resources available to effectively complete the required work and will not require additional assistance to get started. 

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