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Steps to Creating a Successful Partnership with Recruiters

For most hiring managers, recruiters are an invaluable part of their employee discovery process. And, in an ideal world, these two will work in tandem to find and retain the best hires possible for an organization’s needs.  However, to find these best people possible, recruiters need precise information from hiring managers about the unique requirements, knowledge or skills that are required that they may be looking for to fill vacant positions. 

In the modern, distributed workforce, finding the right talent as a hiring manager is more difficult than ever before. However, there are many steps they can take to ensure they are working well with recruiters to create successful working relations that benefit both parties. Only then can hiring managers ensure that their departments keep running efficiently with little to no roadblocks that may impede the ability of new employees to adjust quickly and begin making positive contributions to a company.  

Define New Roles and Employee Requirements

Recruiters often are at their best when they have defined employee requirements that may be beneficial for open roles within a company. For this reason, it is important for hiring managers to create a detailed synopsis of what they are looking for in a potential employee. With this information, recruiters can easily decipher which candidates in their talent pools would be the best fit and expedite the process to ensure the right fit the first time. 

One strategy that may be beneficial is to create an intake form with your ideal candidates in mind. This could include determining what skills are needed to successfully fill the role, what personality an ideal candidate may have, why the vacancy is currently available and company culture-specific descriptions. These key considerations can ensure that you are not wasting your time or new-hire budgets on a temporary employee that is still looking for the next best thing. 

Set Clear Expectations and Timelines

Hiring managers that are planning on working with a recruiter should define clear expectations for what they are looking for from both the recruiter and any potential candidates that they may opt to select for an organization. In addition to this, recruiters need detailed timelines of when the candidate is expected to be delivered and whether that deadline will limit the candidate pool that they are potentially going to recommend for the job. Clearly stating these requirements from the outset ensures that your recruiter knows exactly what the needs of an organization may be and the best ways to fulfill those needs. 

Data will always be a hiring manager’s best friend when creating a successful partnership with a recruiter because it can provide a detailed look at the unique requirements and expectations that the organization has. With this information, a recruiter can review the skills and qualifications of their candidate pools to find the perfect fit and limit the chances of employee turnover or dissatisfaction. Remember, the experience you have with a recruiter can only be improved when you take the steps necessary to assist them in your candidate search. 

Expect Accountability and Return It

Since recruiters are providing a service for hiring managers, it is not unrealistic to ask for accountability. This is particularly true when creating realistic expectations and deadlines that should be kept by a chosen recruiter or recruiting firm whenever feasible. To create a successful partnership between a hiring manager and recruiter, accountability is key and without pre-defined expectations, there is no standard for that accountability to exist.  

Data can always tell a story about what has been fulfilled and what needs to be worked on. Both hiring managers and recruiters can improve their working relationship by creating checks and balances that ensure accountability is being achieved. On average, hiring a new employee through a recruiter takes, on average, 27 business days. While this may be longer than expected, it is an important aspect of the recruiting process to ensure the proper fit and limit the chances of turnover. 

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