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An Overview of Welding Jobs

As skilled technicians, welders help construct or repair metal parts that are essential to many different industries and fields. In many cases, welders can find positions that provide above-average salaries; however, they often require the welder to have additional skills or training to achieve employment. In this article, we will look at some of the highest paying welding jobs and give some insight into the median annual salary expected and potential job growth for each position.

Pipeline Welders
Gaining the experience needed to become a pipeline welder takes a substantial amount of training and experience. For this reason, there is a limited pool of pipeline welders; ultimately, creating an environment that provides great job security although the pay and job growth potential depends on the type of pipelines. Because this position requires extensive experience, it will generally not be considered an entry-level option for new welders.

Median Pay: $64K – $71K | 2% – 12% Job Growth by 2024

Pipe Welders and Fitters
In most cases, pipefitters will be responsible for the installation and pipe layout systems that are used in buildings and the construction of new structures. This will typically include the creation of HVAC plumbing and fabrication. Because pipefitters will typically work closely with construction professionals, they will often need to have additional skills that allow them to read or modify blueprints to allow them to correctly lay or join pipes during construction.

Median Pay: $59k | 4% Job Growth by 2024

Military Support Welders
In a military support position, welders are responsible for maintaining crucial equipment including transportation vehicles like helicopters as well as the various tools used by soldiers during combat. While military welders can potentially be stationed at home or abroad, the position is typically considered one of the most exciting among welders. In general, military support welders are generally among the best paid in the field.

Median Pay: $160K | -2% Job Growth by 2024

Underwater Welders
Primarily responsible for repairing pipelines, drilling rigs, ships, dams, and other underwater structures, underwater welders often face unique challenges that make their occupations more dangerous than others. Temporary hyperbaric chambers will often be used to create a dry that can house up to three welders at any given time. Because this job is performed underwater, candidates must be proficient as a commercial diver for consideration.

Median Pay: $58k | 37% Job Growth by 2024

Certified Welding Supervisors
Responsible for driving productivity and profitability, certified welding supervisors have to provide extensive knowledge as well as understand welding supervision, safety, fabrication, documentation, and inspection. Because it is considered a specializing position, all candidates must obtain a welding supervisor certification. This will ensure they have mastery and extensive knowledge of welding to effectively fulfill the roles required by the position.

Median Pay: $62k | 4% Job Growth by 2024

Why Certified?
At Certified Source, we go above and beyond to make sure our clients are protected and experience service excellence. All of our staff members are Certified Staffing Professionals credentialed by the American Staffing Association. For more information, view all current welding positions available.

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