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What is the benefit of working with a staffing agency that has certified professionals?

In our last blog post, we mentioned our company invests in the continuing education of our staffing managers and staffing coordinators. We require all our staff to achieve the Certified Staffing Professional certification from the American Staffing Association. Our company name is Certified Source Performance Group because we believe in delivering certified results to our clients. Why is it important that employers choose a staffing agency with certified staff?

We believe this investment provides you with three distinct benefits:

  1. Our Training Provides You with a Better Experience
  2. Our Training Reduces Your Risk
  3. Our Training Makes Us a Better Team

Our staff of recruiting professionals are continuous learners in the staffing industry and have the education and experience to provide you with a better staffing experience. One way we can do this is by understanding how to protect the interests of our business partners. We provide vetted and screened candidates that align with the requirements and culture of your organization.  Our goal is not simply to fill a position. Our goal is to provide the right candidate for the position so he/she provides value to your organization on a long-term basis.

Being a certified staffing professional also helps reduce your risk as an employer. As certified staffing professionals, we are uniquely qualified to understand the many nuances of state and federal employment laws. We can provide insight on how to grow your business while mitigating the risk. We can also help with best practices training and safety evaluations which we will cover in our next post.

Lastly, being certified staffing professionals helps us collaborate better as a team. By completing the same training, we can all speak the same language and be on the same page. We learn how to get results together as a team for all our clients and employees. We believe that this is an investment in your success as an employer and helps us help the world by employing good people who need jobs.

If you are looking for a staffing agency to help you with your staffing needs, we strongly suggest you consider Certified Source Performance Group.  If you would like to talk to us about your staffing needs, be sure to contact us today.

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