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Build a Good Relationship with Your Staffing Specialist

While utilizing a job placement service to find work, it is important to foster a good relationship with your staffing specialist. Having a good relationship will help your staffing specialist more efficiently and appropriately match you to job opportunities.

Getting To Know Each Other

Before you attend a meeting with a staffing specialist in your area, gather a list of your skills, previous work experiences, and your educational background.  Once you are at your initial interview, give all the information you can to help your staffing specialist understand who you are and where you might fit. Make eye contact, be honest, and begin developing a good relationship.

In the interview, you will be asked many questions about your background, skills, credentials, past work experience, etc. This is where your list comes in handy. This barrage of questions at first may seem like an interrogation, but their intention is to have a clear understanding of you, your background, your skills, your current career situation, and your big-picture professional goals. Your staffing specialist will use this evaluation to match you to appropriate job opportunities.

Face to Face Meetings

A face-to-face meeting is always recommended. This allows your staffing specialist to obtain a clearer picture of who you are and how you communicate. The staffing specialist will get a feel for your vibe, your competency with social skills, and the root of your personality. These are qualities a staffing specialist wouldn’t be able to detect through a phone interview.

Feedback & Guidance

Part of having a good relationship with your staffing specialist means having a consistent stream of communication and feedback. You will need to update your staffing specialist on your availability and any major life changes.

Listening to other’s opinions about your life and career choices is not always easy. However, utilizing the guidance of an experienced staffing specialist will give you perspective on your career possibilities. Be open to listening to what your staffing specialist has to say. They are there to help you find professional opportunities and see you succeed!

How Staffing Specialists Can Help You Find the Right Job

According to the American Staffing Association’s 2017 reports, the recruiting and staffing industry in the United States provided nearly 15 million people with job opportunities. More and more companies are seeing job placement services as a dependable method of hiring, and you should the changing hiring environment. By building a relationship with a staffing specialist, you will be connected to an abundance of job opportunities and a variety of companies looking to hire.

So, stay connected and on your staffing specialist’s radar. By maintaining a good relationship with your staffing specialist you will greatly increase your chances of getting the interview and landing the job of your dreams!

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