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Have a Professional Social Media Presence to Get a Job

Searching for employment is work in itself. Completing applications is tedious, job interviews are stressful, and financial instability discouraging and sometimes frightening.

This is why it is important to utilize the existing social media arenas as networking platforms to make that job search speedy and stress-free. By expanding into the digital world and having a professional online profile, you will greatly increase your chances of landing your dream job.

The Importance of Your Online Presence

In the last decade, social media websites have been a huge game-changer for both the recruiting industry and employers. A study done by the Society for Human Resource Management shows that 65% of employers have hired workers via social media websites. An employer can often collect more viable information from a candidate’s online profile versus a glimpse at their resume. Therefore, having a positive online presence is crucial and will help you find a job.

Your online image should favorably represent you, your skillset, and credentials. It should as well show your most recent professional accomplishments.

It is important that you maintain your online presence so that it is ready to be seen by potential employers at all times. Your profile should display professional and truthful headshots that suggest you are approachable and friendly. You should also constantly post information to show your recent activity in your field.

Keeping Current and Polished

You may have an online profile, like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, that serves you both personally and professionally. In this case, you should make sure that all content is clean and appropriate; you don’t want to leave a potential employer with a bad impression.

You should also maintain your online image, so all information is pertinent and a true reflection of your current capabilities and talents. If you have old samples of your work that no longer represent your skill level, have them removed. You don’t want someone seeing your work from ten years ago when you’ve come so far!

Job Search Websites

There are many valid social media platforms from which you can exert yourself as a professional and broadcast your job search. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs and Youtube are all acceptable venues. They are more casual and often toe the line between both professional and personal platforms. If you are looking for a more specialized, formal job search engine, you might consider sites like LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, or GooglePlus.

It is also important to consider your industry and choose a social media platform more tailored for your line of work. If you work in the arts or media, perhaps a more visual form of social media, like Instagram or Youtube, is the more fitting choice. If you are an entrepreneur or business person, perhaps LinkedIn would best showcase you.

Networking and Online Communities

Having an online profile with one of these social media or career-building websites can be a way for you to network and have an online professional community. You will be able to foster relationships with other people in your industry, gain information in your field, and expose yourself to professional opportunities you might otherwise miss.

Many social media venues like Facebook, MeetUp, and GooglePlus host specialized ‘groups’ or ‘circles’ that help connect like-minded individuals with similar goals and interests. Joining these groups and taking part in these discussion forums may serve as a way for you to bounce your ideas off of like-minded professionals and stay current with the latest developments and research in your field.

Taking Initiative: Don’t Let Your Online Profile Do All the Work

You may have a glorious online presence, but it won’t do all the work for you. You must take initiative and consistently reach out for opportunities and connections. Respond to tweets and posts, submit your thoughts and ideas in forums, and reach out about postings and content that stimulate you. And, most importantly, be kind and respectful in your interactions. Poor manners, even if we can’t see you, will certainly lose you the job.

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