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Why Certified?

Certified Source has built an organization dedicated to delivering a staffing experience of the highest level. Our laser focus on quality and service excellence are the differentiators that have our clients relying on us as the emerging leader in the industry.

It is our focus on local markets that allows Certified Source to provide clients with staffing solutions custom tailored to their needs while maintaining a pulse on the local economic market. This combination provides the strategic advantage companies look for in a partnership.

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Find the Best Talent

At Certified Source, we go above and beyond to make sure our clients are protected and experience service excellence. All of our staff members are Certified Staffing Professionals credentialed by the American Staffing Association.

It is the essential credential for staffing professionals, certifying their expertise to work with both employees and clients within the bounds of federal and state laws and regulations.

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Industries We Serve

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Industrial Staffing

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Office/Clerical Staffing

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Professional Placement

Job Seekers

Get Hired

Certified Source wants to connect job seekers with the top businesses in our community.  We put a priority on building relationships with each job seeker to make an ideal match between candidates and clients, and we make a commitment to each of our job seekers to provide exceptional service and fulfill their employment needs above and beyond expectations. 

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Get The Latest Job Alerts Sent To Your Cell Phone


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Get The Latest Job Alerts Sent To Your Cell Phone