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How to Review Resumes

Whether you are a new hiring manager or you have been reviewing resumes for a long time, there is often an art to quickly sifting through potential candidate submissions to see which stick out and which should be passed on. While you likely want to take your time and review each resume thoroughly, high resume volumes often make it impossible in modern job climates. If you are ready to expedite the process and review resumes like a pro, here are 4 tips to keep in mind. 

Create a Shortlist

If you took the time to create a great job description, you should be able to tell pretty quickly based on the job history portion of a resume who is qualified and who isn’t. Unfortunately, unqualified candidates will always still apply for the job in hopes of a callback. Once you get started, quickly separate the resumes into piles for yes, no and maybe then go back and review the ones you have decided to keep more thoroughly. Once completed, you should be able to refine further and create a shortlist of candidates that you want to interview. 

Look for Specific Keywords

Depending on the type of job that you are hiring for, scanning the resume for keywords can help hone in on the bits that matter most to the position you are hiring for. By the same token, it is important to look for “red flag” keywords that could make them a bad fit for the company culture or job requirements.  One final thing to look for is buzzwords that may be used to play up the experience the potential candidate has acquired. What may sound good may not always be what it seems. 

Look for Custom Touches

Many candidates attempt to personalize their resumes to better fit the job description instead of sending the same document to multiple employers and hoping it sticks with one. Serious candidates will take the time to create custom touches that apply directly to the position they are applying for and will emphasize the requested skills outlined in the job description. Looking for this personalization can further solidify the chances of making a “good hire”. 

Analyze the Current Job Market

Knowing what competitors or similar industries are hiring for can help determine the length of time you will have to secure the best talent possible. Many of the best candidates will be offered temporary or full-time positions relatively quickly to ensure they aren’t lost. Keep this in mind when filtering through resumes to quickly schedule interviews for the top talent you are finding in the stack. As a hiring manager, this should be a standard part of your job to ensure you know what limitations or opportunities you may have based on the current job market. 

Why Certified?

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