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Skills to Include on Your Resume

COVID-19 has affected the United States economy greatly and, what was at once a fairly low-competition job market, has now become incredibly competitive. As the economy begins to reopen, many people that have dedicated their skills to a former employer are now looking for new career paths to open for them, and employers are continuing to search for the top talent available to fill both new positions and existing positions that need to be filled. In this article, we will look at what skills you should include on your resume to strengthen your job prospects while also looking at the difference between soft skills and hard skills. 

Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills 

Soft skills are best described as interpersonal skills that enhance the ability of a new employee to assimilate into an existing company culture, communicate clearly, or handle daily stressors that may be part of the job description. Soft skills are often the selling point for hiring managers whenever the employee has advanced technical skills or experience levels because they help ensure the candidate is well-rounded. And, although they are considered “soft”, these skills are crucial for any employee searching for a job in competitive markets. 

As the name suggests, hard skills are the resources and knowledge that a candidate has that will help them complete daily tasks or successfully finish responsibilities that are associated with the job description. Often, these technical skills are easy to quantify and can help ensure that a candidate has the experience needed for the job requirements. Without the appropriate hard skills on a resume, an employer will typically immediately move on to the next resume. If you have the hard skills required by the job description, don’t forget to highlight them clearly in your resume. 

What Skills Should You Focus On? 

Due to the number of applications they receive on a given day, it’s no secret that most hiring managers spend a short amount of time browsing the information on a resume before adding them to a short-list or passing on him or her. Most modern employers are looking for a good mix of both soft skills and hard skills that are essential for today’s workplace. But what skills should you focus on to make the best first impression? 

Unfortunately, the answer to this question isn’t straightforward. In most cases, the first place you will want to look to determine what hard skills you should include on your resume will be the job description. Soft skills can be added at any time because they are essential skills that everyone possesses. If needed, consider adjusting your hard skills on a per-submission basis to ensure that your resume contains what the employer is looking for with no extra fluff that may distract them. 

Why Certified? 

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