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Interview Questions to Identify Cultural Fit

As a business, are you hiring employees based on not only their talents or skills but also your assessment of their cultural fit within your company? As a significant modern factor of employment, cultural fit can help determine how much success an employee will provide a business as well as how likely they are to assimilate with the team and stay long-term. Here are some of the questions you can ask to identify cultural fit among a pool of potential employees to determine if they share the cultural values your business has.

1. What Work Environment Makes You Most Happy?

While some people may like the freedom that comes with an organization that allows them to choose their own hours as long as they are still achieving their project deadlines, many other people like direction and clear-cut guidelines. Determining if your work environment is a good potential fit for a prospective employee early in the process can help steer your decisions on whether to pursue them or not. Don’t seek great talent if they aren’t the right fit for your company culture because they will likely be unhappy; instead, try to find a balance.

2. What Characteristics Did You Like Most About a Past Boss?

There are many different management styles that your organization could have adopted and, in some cases, those management styles may not work for everyone. Learning about the characteristics and qualities that the potential employee admired most from their past bosses can help determine how they will react to a new organization’s management style. Ensure that you are providing the guidance and experience they are hoping to obtain.

3. Do You Have Friends At Work or Just Associates?

In some cases, employees will spend more time with their co-workers than they will with their own family throughout the workweek. For this reason, it is important to ensure that employees enjoy the people that they will be around for 8 hours each day. Many long-term employees at businesses will form strong friendships with their co-workers. This also helps create a strong team bond among the employees you have working on projects together.

4. What Role Do You Like To Have When on a Team?

There are many different roles required within an organization to complete a requested job. This is even more important when you already have an established team but are looking for the missing part to round it out. If you are in search of a particular role in a team-based environment asking this question can help determine if they will fit or if they will clash with existing members.

5. How Would a Past Co-worker Describe You?

While everyone likely has a unique image of themselves that they want to present, it is important to understand how other people perceive them as well. While you may be able to glean this information on your own throughout the interview process, take the time to ask what others would say about them. This information will often provide some important details you may not have considered.

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