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Is Your Job Description Setting You Up for Failure?

The job description you provide is often the very first impression you make on potential talent looking for a position just like the one you are offering. If you aren’t getting applications for the top talent you think you should be, this is generally the first place you should look. While a common issue, a poor job description could be costing you the employee you want most and missing out on a valuable asset for your company. Instead of choosing from the talent available to you, revising your job description could attract the right candidates. Here are some common problems you could pinpoint in your job description:

The Application Is Too Long

One of the biggest problems with modern job descriptions is that they ask far too many questions. Whether the candidate is in a hurry or they just aren’t comfortable giving away that much information at first, an extensive application could be hurting you. By keeping your job description realistic and making the application process easier, you will have access to a much larger talent pool and increase the chances of that perfect candidate applying.

Your Requirements Are Unrealistic

While setting the bar high for your job requirements high may weed out some of the unqualified candidates, it could also cost you from acquiring the top talent as well. Most of the time, the person who creates the job description is in upper management and they don’t fully understand the position they are creating the description for. Unfortunately, this can lead to a long list of unrealistic requirements. If needed, ask the department employees what they would look for in the perfect employee.

Your Job Description Is Too Vague

On the flip side of asking for too much, not providing a clear job description could scare off the right candidate simply because they aren’t sure it’s what they are really looking for. Focus on the main duties of the position and the skills you are looking for to ensure that position is filled by the right person. Don’t be afraid to explain what an average day at the company would be like to make the description more accurate and show what makes this position right for the applicant.

Your Job Description Is Average

Top talent will want to join a company that they believe in and can see a future with. Try to encourage these people to apply by taking pride in your job description and making it not just another option in a sea of career choices. You know better than anyone else why your company is better than a competitor, don’t be afraid to show that enthusiasm in your job description. It just might be contagious and help you land the perfect candidate! Why Certified?
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