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How to Finally Have That Conversation with Your Boss

There will come a time in your career when you will ultimately need to have a difficult conversation with your boss. Whether it’s due to an internal conflict or there are some issues that you need to be cleared up to make your career continuation more realistic with a certain company, it’s never easy to navigate a situation that is equally awkward for both parties. If you are ready to finally have that conversation with your boss, here are some tactics you can keep in mind when approaching the situation.

Get into the Right Headspace

When you are heated, you likely will become flustered or say things that you wish you hadn’t. Before heading into a meeting with your boss to discuss a situation that rubs you the wrong way, take the time to calm down beforehand so you don’t make any rash decisions or leave a bad impression. The best course of action is to be prepared and remain professional at all times. If you fail to do so, what incentive do they have to accommodate you over the needs of other employees?

Give the Respect You Expect

While you may want to have a conversation with your boss because you feel you have been wronged in some way, it is important to ensure you remain respectful at all times. Think about the “golden rule” you were taught as a child; do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you don’t keep this in mind and walk into your meeting guns ablaze, there’s a good chance you won’t leave with the outcome you had set your sights on.

Be Clear About What You Want

Knowing exactly what you want before having a conversation with your boss will ensure that you are able to more easily convey it to him or her. Make sure your requirements actually benefit the company as a hole for the most impact and don’t make it seem like you are just looking out for yourself. Find a few contextual examples to back up your point so that your boss actually understands the bigger picture and can join in your vision.

Keep Your Composure

Even if something is said that rubs you the wrong way, it is important to remain level-headed throughout the duration of the conversation with your boss. Once it’s over, it is ok to head home and vent all you want but try to refrain from doing it during your meeting. If the conversation elevates in intensity, take the time to bring it back down to acceptable levels and remain in control throughout the entire process. Why Certified?
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