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Know the type of positions you want to be placed in prior to the interview

When you need a job, working with a staffing agency like Certified Source Performance Group can make the job search easy. Staffing agencies like Certified Source Performance Group have the inside track on employers in the area that are hiring. They know exactly what jobs are available and how much you can get paid.

Before you decide to work with a staffing agency, it is important that you know exactly what type of job you are looking for. Staffing agency recruiters want to make sure that they are placing you in a job that is the right fit for your experience and career goals.

Different staffing agencies may specialize in different industries so you want to make sure that you go to a staffing agency that can help you find a job in your industry. For instance, Certified Source Performance Group specialize in several key industries in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City markets which include industrial, healthcare, office, and construction. They also have positions in the oil and gas industry and executive level jobs. They have built relationships with hundreds of Tulsa and Oklahoma City’s top employers and can give you backstage access in your job search.

It is a good idea to research the staffing agency before contacting them to see what kind of jobs that they may have available for you. Most staffing agencies have a job board on their website with a list of available jobs and more details about job requirements. You can view our job board here.

It may seem smart to be open to any available job a recruiter can assign you to, but if it turns out that you can’t perform the job duties or you really don’t like the job then it will cause problems for everyone. The employer will lose out on work that needs to be done. The recruiter must find a replacement. You may find yourself waiting to get another job.

Evaluate your requirements for your next job and come prepared with specifics that will help your recruiter place you in an assignment.  Being honest and very clear may result in you landing your dream job.

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